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50.82 € Varytec BAT.BALL RGBWAP, The BAT.BALL RGBWAP light effect is fitted with 6 x 3 Watt RGBWAP LED´s. It is this powered through battery or via the integrated power supply, Produces countless red, gre... Loe edasi

Varytec BAT.BALL RGBWAP Bundle

68.97 € Varytec BAT.BALL RGBW Bundle containing VARYTEC BAT.BALL RGBWAP (order code 385482), VARYTEC BATTERY FOR BAT-SERIES (order code 385488)


71.39 € Varytec BAT.DERBY, battery powered LED effect with 4x 3 watt RGBW LEDs. No electricity - no party? Not with the new derby effect from Varytec! This can be easily operated by battery and brings the ... Loe edasi

Varytec BAT.DERBY Bundle

90.76 € Varytec BAT.DERBY Bundle containing VARYTEC BAT.DERBY (order code 385486), VARYTEC BATTERY FOR BAT-SERIES (order code 385488)

Varytec LED Derby ST incl. IR Remote

83.50 € Varytec LED Derby ST, The LED Derby ST from Varytec is a 2-in-1 Derby effect for LED single colors. Furthermore to the 4x 3W RGBW-LEDs the Derby ST is equipped with 16 white LEDs for strobe applica... Loe edasi

Varytec LED Hellball 3 RGB

47.19 € Varytec LED Hellball 3 RGB, The Hellball III is a futuristic mirror ball effect with LED. With semi-transparent, Housing and 3x3 watt RGB LEDs it produces wonderful effects. He also has over 3 diff... Loe edasi

Varytec Star Shot Laser FX

163.00 € Varytec Star Shot Laser FX, 5in1 multi-effect spotlight with laser, Technical data: Light source: Wash effect: 9x 4W RGB UV LEDs, Strobe effect: 12x 0.5W LED, Flower effect: total 90x LEDs in RGBA,... Loe edasi

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