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ADJ Boom Box FX3

232.00 € ADJ Boom Box FX3, all-in-one LED effect box, Mini Dekker effect (2 x 10 W RGBW LED's), Matrix Tri Color LED effect (9 x 3 W RGB Tri LED's) and LED visual ring effect (88 x 0.2 WRGB SMD Tri), 3 oper... Loe edasi

ADJ Crazy Pocket 8

253.00 € ADJ Crazy Pocket 8, Moving Head fixture with quick sweeping 8-Zone RGBA LED chase Dual LED Bars, each with 4 lenses, move independently, 3 Operational modes: Sound Active Mode, Show Mode, & DMX... Loe edasi

ADJ Penta Pix

292.00 € ADJ Penta Pix, RGBW ACL LED-based effect, single pixel control, individually adjustable in the X-axis, Technical data: Light source: 5 pieces 15 W 4-in-1 LEDs in the colors red, green, blue and whi... Loe edasi

ADJ Quad Phase HP 32-Watt Quad-LED

202.00 € ADJ Quad Phase HP 32-Watt Quad-LED, Quad Phase HP is designed to fill a room and dazzle a crowd with dozens of razor sharp beams of light. This technologically advanced moonflower features a high-p... Loe edasi

ADJ Reflex Pulse LED

126.00 € ADJ Reflex Pulse LED - dual-mirrored moonflower with sharp red, green & blue high-output coloured beams + LED strobe in one light. Number of LEDs: 32x red, 30x green, 30x blue, 45x white (strob... Loe edasi

ADJ Revo 4 IR

183.00 € ADJ Revo 4 IR, now includes wireless control options compatible with the UC-IR and Airsteam IR remotes (sold separately). The Revo 4 IR produces a matrix grid of 256 LEDs that creates dozens of dif... Loe edasi

ADJ Revo Sweep

106.00 € ADJ Revo Sweep - 84x 5mm LEDs (21 red, 21 green, 21 blue & 21 white), 2 DMX modes (3-channel & 28-channel), 3 operational modes (DMX-512, master/slave, sound activated), integrated high-ene... Loe edasi

ADJ Rotobeam 4

120.00 € ADJ Rotobeam 4, Rotobeam 4, The ADJ Rotobeam 4 is a retro Helicopter effect powered by four 3-Watt LEDs (1x red, 1x green, 1x blue and 1x white). This easy-to-use, plug and play effect strobes and ... Loe edasi

ADJ Starburst

212.00 € The ADJ Starburst is a LED sphere effect that rotates to your music while shooting out super-sharp, multi-color beam effects. With a light source consisting of 5x 15W (RGBAW+UV) HEX LEDs, the Starb... Loe edasi

ADJ Stinger

173.00 € ADJ Stinger, High Output 3 FX in 1: Moonflower, Strobe and Laser effect with 6 x 5W (RGBWYP) HEX LED’s + 8 x 3W White LED’s + Red & Green Lasers technology produces color-changing beams of li... Loe edasi

ADJ Stinger II

198.00 € ADJ Stinger II, High Output 3 FX in 1: Moonflower, Strobe and Laser effect with 6 x 5W (RGBAWP) HEX LED’s + 8 x 3W UV LED’s + Red & Green Lasers technology produces color-changing beams of li... Loe edasi


88.34 € ADJ Vertigo HEX LED. The Vertigo is one of the most popular effects in the history of ADJ. ADJ is taking the Vertigo HEX LED to the next level powered by two 12-watt "6-IN-1" HEX LED technology. Th... Loe edasi

Cameo Eye-Eye Derby-Matrix-Effect

152.00 € Cameo Eye-Eye Derby-Matrix-LED-Effect, 24x 3W Quad-LEDs (RGBA), It´s a powerful derby matrix effect light with different dmx-modeschannel, automated programs and sound activation. In addition, the... Loe edasi

Cameo Flat Moon

152.00 € Cameo Flat Moon, Flat 3-in-1 multi-effect RGB+UV PAR-light with strobe, 9 x 4 W RGB+UV LEDs for rich colour mixing and blacklight, 21 x 0.5 W cold white SMD LEDs for dynamic high-speed strobe effec... Loe edasi

Cameo HydraBeam 300 RGBW

307.00 € Cameo HydraBeam 300 - Lighting set with 3 x 10 W CREE Quad LED Moving Heads, Beam Angle: Dispersion: 4.5°, DMX XLR 3-pin, DMX mode: 36, 26, 16, 10, 6-channel, Operating voltage: 100 V AC - 240 V A... Loe edasi

Cameo HydraBeam 400 4x10W Cree RGBW

395.00 € The Cameo HydraBeam 400 RGBW is a bar with 4 ultra-fast moving heads that can be controlled independently. They are equipped with high-intensity, 10 W Quad LEDs made by the leading manufacturer Cre... Loe edasi

Cameo HydraBeam 4000 RGBW

610.00 € Cameo HydraBeam 4000 RGBW, Lighting system with 4 individually controllable 32 W RGBW Quad-LED moving heads, universal mounting options, 2 Omega brackets and detachable tripod flange included, 5 DM... Loe edasi

Cameo Moonflower HP

194.00 € Cameo Moonflower HP - 32 W 4 in 1 RGBW Highpower LED effect, 32 W 4 in 1, Power Supply: 100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, Power Consumption: 40 W, Width: 250 mm, Height: 240 mm, Depth: 177 mm,

Cameo Multi FX Bar EZ

329.00 € Cameo Multi FX Bar EZ, 3 effects in a complete solution with 4 LED spotlights (12 x 12W RGBWA + UV LEDs), 2 LED derbys (6 x 3W RGB LEDs) and 4 strobe LEDs (4 x 1W LEDs), with preassembled tripod mo... Loe edasi

Cameo Octafly XS

173.00 € Cameo Octafly XS, Multi-beam effect light with large tilt range, fast-rotating 8-zone chase effect, 2 independent 270 ° swivel-mounted LED strips each with 4 lenses, Light source: 8x 3W RGBW LED (... Loe edasi

Cameo QuadRoll 40

217.00 € Cameo QuadRoll 40, 4-headed barrel scanner, four Cree-Quad LEDs produce sharply focused beams with 4,5° beam angle, 16 automated light shows, sound,- auto-, DMX-, Master/Slave- Mode, technical dat... Loe edasi

Cameo Rotofever

232.00 € Cameo Rotofever, LED disco ball effect with 5 x 12 W hexacolour LEDs (RGBWAUV), 3 separately controllable LED zones, quiet running precision motor with 1.4 rpm to 19 rpm, including IR remote contro... Loe edasi

Cameo Storm FX

179.00 € Cameo Storm 3 FX in 1, 3R grating laser with red 100mW / 650nm and green 30mW / 532nm diodes, strobe with 12 ultra-bright white 0.5 W LEDs, RGBWA derby effect with 9 W RGB and 9 W BWA LEDs, 2 DMX m... Loe edasi

Cameo Storm LED/Laser Effekt

212.00 € Cameo Storm - 3 in 1 lighting effect, 5 x 3W RGBAW Derby, Strobe and Grating Laser, RGBWA LED/laser effect, LED Type Derby Effect: 3W, Dispersion Derby Effect: 68°, Colour Spectrum Laser Effect: r... Loe edasi

Cameo Superfly HP LED Effekt

190.00 € Cameo SUPERFLY HP - 5 x 10 Watt RGBWA Highpower LED effect, LED Type: 10 W RGBWA, DMX Input: XLR 3-pin male, DMX Output: XLR 3-pin female, DMX Mode: 5-channel, 2-channel, DMX Functions: Colour Sele... Loe edasi

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