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Electro Harmonix Tone Corset

120.00 € Electro Harmonix Tone Corset, effects pedal, Compressor, controls: Volume - Sustain - Attack - Blend, switches: Pad, footswitches: Bypass, connections: input 1/4" jack - output 1/4" jack - 9 V DC P... Loe edasi

Höfner LTD Handmade Compressor Pedal

286.00 € Höfner LTD Handmade Compressor Pedal press to compress compressor pedal, control for level, compress, attack, 1/4 jack in and output, true bypass, power supply via 9V battery or 9VDC adapter (both... Loe edasi

Keeley Compressor Plus

178.00 € Keeley Compressor Plus, compressor effects pedal, parallel compression for adding sustain and retaining dynamic peaks, true bypass, status LED, controls for Sustain, Level, Blend and Tone, Single C... Loe edasi

MXR M 291 Dyna Comp Mini

136.00 € MXR M 291 Dyna Comp Mini, compressor effects pedal, classic MXR Dyna Comp sound, features the rare CA3080 "metal can" IC, quiet operation and great transparency, controls for output and sensitivity... Loe edasi

Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor

142.00 € NUX Masamune Boost & Compressor, effects pedal, compressor & booster in one pedal, 2 Clip Modes and a Blend Button for Parallel Compression allow for flexible sound shaping, from unobtrusiv... Loe edasi

Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Compressor

242.00 € Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Compressor, effects pedal, 1176-style, studio-grade FET compressor, the Cali76 Compact provides direct access to your favourite vintage compression settings from the o... Loe edasi

Origin Effects SlideRIG Comp Del Compressor

361.00 € Origin Effects SlideRIG Compact Deluxe Compressor, effects pedal, gives you access to conventional single-stage compression, as well as the SlideRIG’s trademark dual-stage compression, the pedal’... Loe edasi

Wren & Cuff Gold Comp Compressor

307.00 € Wren & Cuff Gold Comp Compressor, effects pedal, Two hand Selected Germanium Transistors in the box provide a natural warmth and super smooth clipping, can go from a barely noticeable compressi... Loe edasi

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