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Gewa Humidifier Double Bass

15.87 € Gewa Humidifier Double Bass, Humidifier, Suitable for double bass, For mounting in the F-hole, Prevents cracks caused by dry air

Grover Humidifier Cello

17.10 € Grover Humidifier Cello, Humidifier, Suitable for cellos, To hang into the F-hole

Grover Humidifier Double Bass

20.79 € Grover Humidifier DoubleBass, Humidifier, Suitable for double basses, To hang into the F-hole

Stretto Humidifier Cello BK

29.53 € Stretto Humidifier Cello BK, Humidifier for Cello, Easy handling and application, Handy size, Easy to assemble, Includes 2 replacement bags, Length approx. 105 mm, Width approx. 80 mm, Thickness a... Loe edasi

Stretto Humidifier Double Bass BK

35.55 € Stretto Humidifier Double Bass BK, Humidifier for double bass, Easy handling and application, Hooks into the F-hole, Handy size, Colour: Black

Stretto Replacement Bag Cello BK

14.64 € Stretto Replacement Bag Cello BK, Replacement Bags, For the Stretto humidifier / humidifier cello BK

Stretto Replacement Bag Double Bass

17.10 € Stretto Replacement Bag Double Bass, Spare bag, For the Stretto double bass humidifier, Quantity: 2pcs double replacement bags

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