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Dampit Humidifier Bass

32.55 € Dampit Humidifier - for double bass. The humidifier should be filled with water, and has to be put in the f-hole of the instrument and protects it against cracks because of too dry air.

RDM Humitron Humidifier DoubleBass

15.61 € RDM Humitron Humidifier for Double Bass

Stretto Humidifier Cello BK

26.62 € Stretto Humidifier Cello BK, easy handling, perfect size, easy to mount, comes with 2 replacement bags. Colour: black. Length app. 105 mm, width app. 80 mm, height app. 19 mm (without velcro)

Stretto Humidifier Double Bass BK

34.97 € Stretto Humidifier for Double Bass BK, easy handling, perfect size, easy mounting by hanging the humidifier into the f-hole of the bass, colour: black.

Stretto Replacement Bag Cello BK

13.19 € Stretto Replacement Bag for Stretto Humidifier Cello BK.

Stretto Replacement Bag Double Bass

16.82 € Stretto Replacement Bags for double bass humidifier, 4pcs replacement bags.

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