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Gewa Humidifier Violin/Viola

13.41 € Gewa Humidifier Violin/Viola, Humidifier, Suitable for violin or viola, To hang in the F-hole, Prevents cracking due to too dry air

Gewa Hygrometer Gold

22.02 € Gewa Hygrometer Gold, Hygrometer, Golden hygrometer, Diameter: 45 mm

Gewa Hygrometer Silver

17.10 € Gewa Hygrometer Silver, Hygrometer, Silver-coloured hygrometer, Diameter: 45 mm

Grover Humidifier Violin/Viola

13.41 € Grover Humidifier Violin/Viola, Humidifier, Suitable for violins and violas, To hang into the F-hole

Stretto Humidifier Violin/Viola BK

24.48 € Stretto Humidifier Violin/Viola BK, Humidifier for violin / viola, Easy handling and application, Handy size, Length: approx. 80 mm, Width: approx. 60 mm, Thickness (without hook-and-loop fastener... Loe edasi

Stretto Hygrometer / Thermometer

29.53 € Stretto Hygrometer / Thermometer, Hygrometer / Thermometer, Digital adjustable humidity meter with thermometer

Stretto Replacement Bag VI/VA BK

13.41 € Stretto Replacement Bag VI/VA BK, Replacement Bags, For the Stretto humidifier / humidifier violin / viola BK

TFA Thermo-Hygrometer Style RD

23.25 € TFA Thermo-Hygrometer Style RD, Thermo-Hygrometer, Modern design, Optional temperature or humidity display in large format, Comfort zone, Max-min function, Time of day, With a high-gloss surface, ... Loe edasi

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