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Daddario UHP Ukulele Humidifier Pro

17.10 € Daddario UHP Ukulele Humidifier Pro, Ukulele Humidifier, Designed especially for use in the sound hole, Easy to remove rubber cover, Hydrophilic sponge, Holds up to 12 times its own weight

Gewa Humidifier Cello

14.64 € Gewa Humidifier Cello, Humidifier, Suitable for cellos, For mounting in the F-hole, Prevents cracks caused by dry air

MusicNomad Ukulele Humidifier

14.64 € MusicNomad Ukulele Humidifier, Humidifier for Ukuleles, Fits all ukulele sizes (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone), Kala U-Bass models and small instrument cases (violins etc.), Easy to fix betwee... Loe edasi

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