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Dixon Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

19.97 € Dixon Hi-Hat Drop Clutch – used by Stick Beat

Dixon Hi-Hat Shure Clutch

16.82 € Dixon Hi-Hat Shure Clutch, to the safe the Hi Hat Top Cymbal, upper section

DW SM379 Hi-Hat Clutch

32.67 € Drum Workshop SM379 Hi-Hat Clutch, counterscrew arrestable, nearly universal suitable,

DW SM505 Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

45.98 € Drum Workshop SM505 Hi-Hat Drop Clutch.

DW SM9213 Incremental HH Clutch

45.98 € DW SM9213 Incremental Hi-Hat Clutch, suitable for remote hi-hats

DW SMOTC One-Touch Hi-Hat Clutch

45.98 € Drum Workshop SMOTC One-Touch Hi-Hat Clutch, simple adjustments with contoured aluminum knob,

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Double Drop Clutch

48.28 € Gibraltar Hi-Hat Double Drop Clutch, specially for Double Bass Drum Players, 3 different positions (regular/ half-open/ closed Hi-Hat), fits 6 mm and 7 mm HiHat rods

Gibraltar SC-4420 Hi-Hat Clutch

10.89 € Gibraltar SC-4420, Prof. Hi-Hat Cymbalholder ( Clutch )

Gibraltar SC-4420S Hi-Hat Clutch

14.52 € Gibraltar SC-4420S Hi-Hat Clutch, Utilizes the "Super Grip" clamping mechanism which will not scar the hi-hat pull rod, fits all 8mm Hi-hat rods

Gibraltar SC-DC Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

20.57 € Gibraltar SC-DC Hi-Hat Drop Clutch, Disengage and drop top cymbal by hitting clutch with drumstick, Step on the pedal and clutch attaches itself at original position.

Gibraltar SC-QRHHC Quick Hi-Hat Clutch

24.69 € Gibraltar SC-QRHHC Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch, Save time and aggravation with this revolutionary clutch system, just pull on the metal sleeve and the auto clutch releases, Slip off the felts mount... Loe edasi

Gibraltar SC-QRHHDC Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

30.25 € Gibraltar SC-QRHHDC Quick Release Hi-Hat Drop Clutch, quickly mounts hi-hat cymbal to clutch fast without having to thread on screw mount, works wit a 7mm rod,

Millenium DA-132 Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

11.98 € Millenium DA-132 Hi-Hat Drop Clutch - speciality item for all double bass drum players, by playing the second bass pedal the Hi-Hat will be closed, so you can play a closed Hi-Hat (after the Hi-Hat... Loe edasi

Pearl HCL-105QR Hi-Hat Clutch

30.25 € Pearl HCL-105QR Rapid Lock Hi-Hat Clutch, including washer and felts,

Pearl HCL-205DQR Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

47.19 € Pearl HCL-205DQR Rapid Lock Hi-Hat Drop Clutch, top cymbal can be hang out by using the lever, including washer and felts,

Pearl HCL-205QR Hi-Hat Clutch

41.14 € Pearl HCL-205QR Rapid Lock Supergrip Hi-Hat Clutch, increased stability due to built-in clamp, including washer and felts,

Roland VH-13 Hi-Hat Clutch

90.76 € Roland VH-13 Hi-Hat Clutch, for use with Roland VH-13 Hi-Hat Pad

Sonor Hi-Hat Clutch 200er Series

14.76 € Sonor Hi-Hat Clutch, for 100/200/400er Hi-Hat Machine, with round rod,

Sonor Hi-Hat Clutch 600 Series

26.50 € Sonor Hi-Hat Clutch, for 600er Hi-Hat Maschine

Tama CL08 Hi-Hat Clutch

18.03 € Tama CL08 Hi-Hat Clutch, Security Hi-Hat Clutch for Tama Hi-Hats: HH805, HH905 and HH75W,

Tama QHC7 Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch

32.55 € Tama QHC7 Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch, Quick-set and -release Hi-Hat Clutch for a quick change of the hi-hat top cymbal, prevents top cymbal from loosening

Tama Sizzle Touch Drop Clutch

59.29 € Tama Sizzle Touch Drop Clutch, STDC7, set screw adjusts the gap between top and bottom cymbal,

Tama SLC08 Hi-Hat Clutch

30.13 € Tama SLC08 Hi-Hat Clutch, Swing Lock Hi-Hat Clutch for Tama Hi-Hats: HH805, HH905 and HH75W,

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