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Electro Harmonix EL84 Pair

71.39 € Electro Harmonix EL84 Pair, Power Amp Tubes, Matched pair, Nuanced, musical sound, Delivery quantity: 2 pieces

TAD Class-A Converter PEN-Tone

152.00 € TAD Class-A Converter PEN-Tone, Tube Amp Doctor Class-A Converter PEN-Tone, Replaces power stage tubes of type 6L6GC, 5881, EL34 and 6V6GT with EL84 tubes, The EL 84 is used in pure Class A mode, ... Loe edasi

TAD Class-A Converter Tri-Tone

152.00 € TAD Class-A Converter Tri-Tone, Output Stage Tubes Converter, Allows the use of EL84 tubes instead of 6L6GC, 5881, EL34, KT66 and 6V6GT power amp tubes, Class-A Converter Tri-Tone, TB-TH/2, 1 Pair... Loe edasi

TAD EL84-STR Redbase Matched Pair

59.29 € TAD EL84-STR Redbase Matched Pair, Power Amp Tubes, Matched pair of EL84, Combine the best features of the well-known EL84-CZ and EL84M, Surpasses the sonic quality of the EL84-CZ and offer maximu... Loe edasi

TAD RT274 Tubes EL84 Cz Quartet

130.00 € TAD RT274 Tubes EL84 Cz Quartet, Tube Quartet, The power pack and roughneck beyond the EL84 series, Deliberately used it provides a significant wider basis of bass compared to most russian ex-fact... Loe edasi

TAD RT372 Tubes EL84M Pair

90.76 € TAD RT372 Tubes EL84M Pair, EL84M Tube Pair, Also used in matchless amplifiers the EL84M is the robust and extremely long life military version of the russian EL84, Matched, Price refers to the pair

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