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TAD Class-A Converter PEN-Tone

152.00 € Tube Amp Doctor Class-A Converter PEN-Tone - 2x tone bone pentode converters with selected TAD EL84 valves. Suitable for valve types: 6L6GC, 5881, EL34 and 6V6GT (pair), made in Germany

TAD RT271 Tube EL84-Cz

32.67 € TAD RT271 Tube EL84-Cz; gives every amp a much fatter bass foundation than most factory tubes for a powerful bass and midrange boost

TAD RT272 Tubes EL84 Cz Pair

65.34 € TAD RT272 tubes EL84 Cz; pair; the EL 84 -Cz is the most powerful EL84 tube we have ever heard. Big tone and very dynamic. Our recommendation, if best punch is what you´re looking for.

TAD RT274 Tubes EL84 Cz Quartet

130.00 € TAD RT274 Tubes EL84 Cz Quartet - powerful EL84 tube. Big tone, punchy and very dynamic.

TAD RT372 Tubes EL84M Pair

90.76 € TAD RT372 Tubes EL84M Pair, the most rugged and long lasting EL84 on the market. First choice when dependability is your major goal

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