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Groove Tubes GT-ECC83-S

33.76 € Groove Tubes GT-ECC83-S Tube - medium gain preamp tube. Pronounced bass, harmonic/high gain, rich, warm tone

TAD ECC83/HG7025

33.76 € TAD ECC83 HG7025; RT030; Preamp Tube; 1 Piece; ideal input stage tube for demanding guitar sounds; warm clean sounds & fat, soft distortion in overdrive, lots of punch in the mids, low micropho... Loe edasi

TAD RT003 Tube ECC83 CZ

28.92 € TAD tube RT 003, ECC83-CZ; selected, ECC83 for the big and warm clean sounds ( also great for hifi too) and mellow top end when pushed to overdrive

TAD RT010 Tube 7025 Highgrade

44.77 € TAD RT010 7025 High Grade ECC83 Tube - premium selected quality, great for warm clean tones and creamy overdrive, recommended for first gain stage.

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