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Botex CDR1 Compact DMX Recorder

83.50 € Botex CDR1 Compact DMX Recorder, Mobile DMX recorder for 12 chasers, 12 chasers with 100 steps possible, Including IR remote control to control the basic functions, speed and fading can be set betw... Loe edasi

Botex DR-PRO Rack DMX Recorder

221.00 € Botex DR-PRO Rack DMX Recorder, The DR-PRO RACK 19" is equip ped with 128x160Px color display, as well as 8 memory spaces , where can be storaged chase scenes or shows. Due to its 5 operating modes... Loe edasi

Botex SD-10

71.39 € Botex SD-10 DMX recorder, 96 channels, 9 programs, 9 strobe programs. Each program consists of max. 48 scenes. Allows you to download scenes from another DMX controller. All data can be sent or rec... Loe edasi

Enttec DMX Playback Mk2 Bundle

579.00 € Enttec DMX Playback Mk2 Bundle containing ENTTEC DMX PLAYBACK MK2 (order code 305590), ENTTEC DMXPLAYBACK REMOTE MK2 (order code 305867), PRO SNAKE USB-RS232 ADAPTER 2.0 (order code 247212)

Enttec DMXPlayBack Remote Mk2

264.00 € Enttec DMXPlayBack Remote Mk2, DMXPlayBack Remote Mk2. General Description: The DMXPlayBackRemote is an add-on for the DMXPlayBack. It acts as a remote control to start on of the 12 shows stored in... Loe edasi

Eurolite DMX AIO

275.00 € Eurolite DMX AIO Recorder, Merger, Artnet Node, Signal Converter, Wireless DMX recorder and Art-Net node, 2 DMX universes (1024 DMX channels), Real-time recording and playback of light shows via DM... Loe edasi

Showtec DMX Recpack 4 Recorder

378.00 € Showtec DMX Recpack 4 Recorder, DMX recorder and switch pack for automation of intelligent light and other electronic devices, Combination of DMX recorder, a switch pack and a programmable trigger ... Loe edasi

Showtec DR Pro Rack

253.00 € Showtec DR Pro Rack, LCD color display with 128 x 160 pixels, 8 memories for scenes, chases or show, manual control, real time trigger, SMPTE/MIDI timer triggers, DMX trigger and DMX-monitor, 5 Hou... Loe edasi

Stairville DR-1 DMX Recorder 19" SD

183.00 € Stairville DR-1 DMX Recorder 19 "SD, The DR-1 is an extremely versatile DMX recorder with many functions. Light shows can be, easily recorded to the device and played back at selected various speed... Loe edasi

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