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Botex DR-PRO Rack DMX Recorder

224.00 € Botex DR-PRO Rack DMX Recorder, Recorder DMX DR-PRO rackThe DR-PRO RACK has a 128 x 160 pixel colour display, as well as 8 memory locations where chases, scenes or shows can be stored freely.@+@+T... Loe edasi

Botex SD-10

72.58 € Botex SD-10, DMX RecorderAllows you to download scenes from another DMX controller. All data can be sent or received (between 2 or more devices). The running programs can be changed in speed and b... Loe edasi

Enttec S-Play Mini

474.00 € Enttec S-Play Mini, Show Recorder and Playback Controller, Create, record, edit and playback shows, Generates a maximum of 16 light static/dynamic/effect cues by recording two universes of Art-Net... Loe edasi

Enttec S-Play Nano

215.00 € Enttec S-Play Nano, Show Recorder and Playback Control, Supports live recording and playback via the DMX port for 1 complete DMX universe with 512 channels, Records cues from DMX sources with the ... Loe edasi

Eurolite DMX AIO

332.00 € Eurolite DMX AIO, Recorder, Merger, Artnet Node and Signal Converter, Wireless DMX recorder and Art-Net-Node, 2 DMX universes (1024 DMX channels), Recording and playback of light shows in real tim... Loe edasi

Eurolite EASY Show

277.00 € Eurolite EASY Show, DMX Controller and Recorder, 200 Fixtures pre-programmed, No programming required - just plug in and go, Fixtures can be combined to create a show, 12 Colour moods and 24 chase... Loe edasi

Showtec DR Pro Rack

290.00 € Showtec DR Pro Rack, DMX Recorder, LCD colour display with 128 x 160 pixels, 8 storage locations for scenes, chases or shows, Manual control, Real time trigger, SMPTE / MIDI timer release, DMX tri... Loe edasi

Stairville "DR-1 DMX Recorder 19"" SD"

223.00 € " Stairville DR-1 DMX Recorder 19"" SD, DMX Recorder@+The DR-1 is a very versatile DMX recorder with many functions. Light shows can easily be recorded on the device and played back with variable v... Loe edasi

Stairville Replay Show

247.00 € " Stairville Replay Show, DMX and Art-Net Recorder and Node with Wireless Function, Real-time recording and playback of DMX and Art-Net signals, 1024 channels (2 DMX universes), Internal WiFi acces... Loe edasi

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