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Flyht Pro Case Denon DJ Prime 4

163.00 € Flyht Pro Case Denon DJ Prime 4; Case suitable for Denon DJ Prime 4; 9 mm plywood; 35 x 35 x 3 mm aluminum edges; 8 ball corners; removable lid; 1 folding handle; 2 butterfly closures; EVA Lining; ... Loe edasi

Flyht Pro Case Digital DJ

242.00 € Flyht Pro Case Digital DJ, Features: All in one case for digital mobile DJ`s Robust road case for 2x turntables, 19” mixer, double CD-player 19” inclusive control element and drive 100% mobile wi... Loe edasi

Flyht Pro Case Mobile DJ Desk

193.00 € Flyht Pro Case Mobile DJ Desk, MOBILE DJ DESK All in one case for mobile DJ`s Specifications Robust road case for 2x turntables, 19" mixer, double CD-player 19" inclusive control element and drive ... Loe edasi

Magma Player/Mixer-Set Case

315.00 € Magma Player/Mixer-Set Case; multi format case suitable for two multimedia player and one 4-channel club-mixer; heavy duty construction of 9 mm vinyl laminated plywood; solid aluminum profiles and ... Loe edasi

Thon Case DJ X1850/SC6000 Prime

466.00 € Thon Case DJ X1850/SC6000 Prime; For 2 Denon 1 DJ X1850 Prime and 2 DJ SC6000 or 6000M Prime, Material: 6,5mm birch plywood, colour: black, 25 x 25 mm aluminium profile, 4 Medium butterfly latches,... Loe edasi

Thon Case for Gemini CDMP 7000

217.00 € Thon Mixercase for Gemini CDMP 7000, made of 7 mm Birch Plywood, Phenolresin Coated, 25x25 mm Aluminium Profil, 1 foltable handle, 4 Buttefly Catches, rounded Steelcorner, foam padding in the Botto... Loe edasi

Thon Case Numark CDMIX USB

147.00 € Thon Case for Numark CD MIX USB, made of 7 mm birch plywood, Phenolresin Coated, 25x25 mm aluminium profiles, 2 Butterfly Catches, 1 Case Handle, foam padding made to measure in the base and in the... Loe edasi

Thon Denon Prime Case

318.00 € Thon Denon Prime Case, for 1x Denon X1800 and 2x SC5000, 6,5 mm birch multiplex wood, phenol resin colored brown, 4 x butterfly catches medium, 3 x folding recessed handles medium, 8 x ball corner ... Loe edasi

Thon DJ CD Custom Case

275.00 € Thon DJ CD console case for 2 CD players and 1 DJ mixer - 3 folding handles, 4 butterfly catches, exterior dimensions (wxdxh): 1015 x 510 x 225 mm, weight: 13.5 kg, (Please specify the name and mea... Loe edasi

Thon DJ CD Custom Case Notebook

318.00 € Thon DJ CD Console Case - with laptop area, for 2x CD players and 1x DJ mixer, 7mm birch plywood, 2x handles, 4x medium butterfly catches, 25mm aluminium profiles, 4x rubber feet, made in Germany.(... Loe edasi

Thon DJ CD Custom Case Trolley

579.00 € Thon DJ Console Case 2x CD Mixer and 1 DJ Mixer with pull out tray for laptop, 2 covers to protect the connections, devices can be operated in the Case, 7 mm birch plywood Black, includes 2x corner... Loe edasi

Thon DJ Vinyl Custom Case

275.00 € Thon Custom DJ Vinyl Consolen Case - for 2 turntables and 1 Battle mixer, 7mm plywood, 2x handles, 4x catches.(Please specify the name and measurements of the equipment which this case is for when ... Loe edasi

Thon DJ-Live Rack 4U 51

361.00 € Thon DJ Live Rack - for 19" mixers, 8U space for mixer, 4U space at the front, 3U angled space at the top, 250 x 450mm rear service door, 7mm birch ply, 4 large handles, 4 large butterfly catches, ... Loe edasi

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