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Istanbul Mehmet 23" Black Bell Ride

392.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 23" Black Bell Ride, Traditional finish, Matierial: B20 bronce alloy, unlathed bell, unlathed bell retains a metallic darkness, lathed and hand hammered playing surface offers brass... Loe edasi

Meinl 23" Byzance Medium Ride

626.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 23" Medium Ride, Traditional Finish, Byzance cymbals are completely hand made from start to finish, 80% copper + 20% tin, Made in Turkey, Balanced, controllable stick response... Loe edasi

Zildjian 23" A-Series Sweet Ride

441.00 € Zildjian 23" A-Series Sweet Ride, B20 alloy,

Zildjian 23" K Custom Special Dry Ride

590.00 € Zildjian 23" K Custom Special Dry Ride, Natural Finish, dark and earthy sounds with short sustain, remastered original dry cymbal for today’s modern musical styles

Zultan 23" Q Ride

232.00 € Zultan 23" Q Series Ride, Brilliant bell tone. Strong & defined, Lively & loud ping. Great stick definition. Excellent for recording., the outer 2" circle of the top is deeply hammered, unl... Loe edasi

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