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bam 9010 String Tube

6.66 € bam 9010 String Tube, tube for strings, internal measures: length: 600 mm, diameter: 15,3 mm.

bam BC-0053 Music Pouch

20.45 € bam BC-0053 Music Pouch, for sheet-music.

bam BC-0055 Accessories Pouch

13.31 € bam BC-0055 Accessories Pouch

bam CC-0003GR Cleaning Cloth

10.89 € bam CC-0003GR Cleaning Cloth for strings, colour: green, 30 x 40cm.

bam HO2001XLB Hoodie Blue

83.50 € bam HO2001XLB Hoodie Blue, for oblong violin cases Hightech 2001XL.

bam HO2001XLG Hoodie Grey

83.50 € bam HO2001XLG Hoodie Grey, for oblong violin cases Hightech 2001XL

bam HO2001XLJ Hoodie Yellow

83.50 € bam HO2001XLJ Hoodie Yellow, for oblong violin cases Hightech 2001XL.

bam HO2001XLM Hoodie Brown

83.50 € bam HO2001XLM Hoodie Brown, for oblong violin cases Hightech 2001XL.

bam HO2001XLN Hoodie Black

96.69 € bam HO2001XLN Hoodie Black, for oblong violin cases Hightech 2001XL.

bam HO2001XLORG Hoodie Orange

83.50 € bam HO2001XLORG Hoodie Orange, for oblong violin cases Hightech 2001XL.

bam HO2001XLR Hoodie Red

95.60 € bam HO2001XLR Hoodie Red, for oblong violin cases Hightech 2001XL.

bam HO2001XLV Hoodie Green

95.60 € bam HO2001XLV Hoodie Green, for oblong violin cases Hightech 2001XL.

bam HO2001XLVT Hoodie Violet

83.50 € bam HO2001XLVT Hoodie purple, for oblong violin cases Hightech 2001XL.

bam IC-0050 Violin Silk Bag

39.93 € bam IC-0050 Violin Silk Bag, with lace, for covering and protecting the instrument.

Conrad Götz ZW 955 Violin Pegs Gold Cap

18.03 € Conrad Götz ZW 955 Violin Pegs Swiss Model with Gold Cap, Ebony, complete set of 4 pegs, medium, comes with certified wood origin

Daddario PW-CT-14 Micro Violin Tuner

28.92 € Daddario PW-CT-14 Micro Violin Tuner, easy mounting digital tuner for violins and alto violins/violas, fast response and high tuning-accuracy, can also be used as a practice-tool for intonation-con... Loe edasi

Dictum Soundpost Setter Violin/Viola

10.77 € Dictum Standard Soundpost Setter Violin/Viola, nickel-plated soundpost setter with synthetic handle.

Gewa Brush Special Edition

36.18 € Gewa Brush Special Edition, varnishing brush for stringes instruments, width: 4,0 cm.

Gewa C-Bow Protector

18.03 € Gewa C-Bow Protector, made oft soft and light urethane, easy to mount and to remove, protect the C-bow against scratches and notches.

Gewa Chinrest Tool

4.56 € Gewa Chinrest Tool, chrome-plated. 434899.

Gewa Soundpost Setter Violin

14.40 € Gewa Soundpost Setter Violin, hand-forged and nickel-plated.

Herdim Soundpost Setter Classic

47.19 € Herdim Stimmsetzer Classic for Violin, hand-forged after the pattern of an old English original, rounded edges, finest quality, best balance, burnished steel surface.

Kaiser Korkform Viola

93.18 € Kaiser Korkform Viola, a real helpful tool for the luthier, anti-skidding cork-shape made of high-density industrial cork.

Millenium VH-1 Violin Holder

10.77 € Millenium VH-1 Violin Holder, unique clamp-style fastening system which is adjusted by an easy to turn knob, fits for all sheet- and microphone stands, black

Petz Kevlar Tailgut Violin

5.15 € Petz Kevlar Tailgut / Tailpiece Hanger Violin, very durable tailpiece hanger made of 12-times plaited kevlar, only 1% distension, length 25cm, diameter 1,5mm, tensile strength 350kg.

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