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Beat Bars FS3 Footswitch

163.00 € Beat Bars FS3 Footswitch; USB/MIDI Footswitch; 2 switches with status LED; USB Plug&Play; Midi configuration tool for macOS, Windows, Linux; Midi Out 5 pole DIN; toggle switch for choosing betw... Loe edasi

Boss FS-5L

59.29 € Boss FS-5L, latch-type footswitch, polarity at LED-function switchable, On/ off display (just works with 2x AA batteries), Rugged construction, Connectors: 6.3 mm jack, Dimensions (LxWxH): 95 x 89 ... Loe edasi

Boss FS-6

95.60 € Boss FS-6 Dual Foot SWITCH, 2 foot pedals in a housing, switchable in the polarity and the function (latch function or unlatch function), per pedal 1 mono jack connector, 1 stereo jack connector fo... Loe edasi

Boss FS-7

90.76 € Boss FS-7 Dual Foot SWITCH, 2 foot pedals in a housing, switchable in the polarity and the function (latch function or unlatch function), per pedal 1 mono jack, 1 stereo jack for two pedals, LED fo... Loe edasi

Crumar CFS-12

59.29 € Crumar CFS-12; 2 button footswitch pedal; for Crumar Mojo 61 / GSi BURN / GSi DMC-122; two momentary switches for controlling effects (e.g. Rotary); attached TRS jack cable 6.3 mm

Hammond CU 1

142.00 € Hammond CU-1; Leslie Control Switch for XK-3 and Pro XK-System

Hammond FS-9H

59.29 € Hammond FS-9H footswitch for XB-2, XM-1, XB-1, XK-2 , XE-1 & XK-3

Ketron FS 1/ PS100

44.77 € Ketron FS 1/ PS100 Footswitch, 1 foot switch, compatible with Ketron Keyboards und Arranger-Modules (MS-40, MS-50, MS-60, MS-100, X series, XD series, SD series, Audya and Lounge), length of cable 2m

Ketron FS 13

260.00 € Ketron FS 13 foot switch, 13 foot switches, compatible with Ketron Keyboards und Arranger-Modules (MS-40 / MS-50 / MS-60 / MS-100 / X-series / XD-series / SD-series, Audya and Lounge), Dimensions i... Loe edasi

Ketron FS6

183.00 € Ketron FS6 Footswitch, 6 footswitches, compatible with Ketron Keyboards and Arranger-Modules (MS-40, MS-50, MS-60, MS-100, X-series, XD-series, SD-series, Audya and Lounge) Dimensions: 422 x 100 x ... Loe edasi

Korg EC5

100.00 € Korg EC5 Multi-functionsswitch incl. connecting cable, fits to PA1X, PA2X, PA80, PA800 , PA3x International/ Musikant (not LE), PA4X International/ Musikant and the old I-Serie

Lead Foot LFS-1 MKII

13.31 € Lead FootLFS-1 MKII foot switch - for effect units and keyboards, 6,3 mm jack plug, cable length 3,5 m

NEO Instruments Ventilator Remote II

71.39 € NEO Instruments Ventilator Remote II, external footswitch for slow/fast and run/stop switching, 8 different switching modes (including 122 style, 760 style, latched and momentary, slow/fast only), ... Loe edasi

Zoom FS01 Footswitch

35.09 € Zoom FS01 - footswitch (Momentary, unlatch)for series 500, 1201/2/4, 2000-9000, Fire, RT323, RT123, RT234, RFX2000, 2020, 3030, 4040, 1202, MRS1044, 4040, 9120. Includes 1.6m cable (approx).

TC-Helicon Switch 6

119.00 € TC-Helicon Switch 6, 6x Footswitch for TC-Helicon Vocal & Guitar Multi-FX Products to remote Bypass, Harmony mute, Preset up/down etc., compatible with VoiceLive Touch 2, VoiceLive 3 and Play E... Loe edasi

TC-Helicon Switch-3

108.00 € TC-Helicon Switch 3, 3-button footswitch for TC Helicon & TC Electronic equipment, compatible with Voicelive 3 Extreme, Voicelive 3, Voicelive Touch 2, Voicelive Rack, Voicelive T ouch, Voiceli... Loe edasi

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