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Alesis Multimix 10 Wireless

367.00 € " Alesis Multimix 10 Wireless, 19"" Rack Mixer with Bluetooth, Suitable for bars, mobile racks and studios, 4 Channels (mono) with 6.3 mm jack/ XLR inputs, Phantom power and TRS inserts, 2 Channels... Loe edasi


356.00 € " ART MX622BT , 6-Channel Stereo Mixer, Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, Flexible bass and treble adjustment (equaliser), Switchable 15 V phantom power for each microphone channel, Effect loop with level co... Loe edasi


312.00 € " ART MX821S, Mic / Line Mixer, With stereo outputs, 8 Mono channels, 8 Independent input channels, Controls for input levels and panning on each channel, Balanced XLR- and unbalanced jack inputs o... Loe edasi


301.00 € " ART MX822, Mic / Line Mixer With Effects Loop, 8 Stereo input channels, Controller for input levels, Panorama and effect send on each channel, External effects loop with send and return control, ... Loe edasi

Behringer MX882 V2

135.00 € " Behringer MX882 V2, 8-Channel splitter / mixer, 8 in 2 mixers or 2 in 8 splitters, All channels can be operated independently in different modes, Also usable as 6 in 6 - prepress or DI box, Input... Loe edasi

Behringer RX1202FX V2

206.00 € " Behringer RX1202FX V2, 12-Channel Rack Mixer, 8 XLR inputs, 2 Stereo inputs (jack), 2-Band EQ and Clip LED per channel, 1 Monitor path, 24-Bit effects processor with 100 presets, Headphone and co... Loe edasi

Behringer RX1602 V2

155.00 € Behringer RX1602 V2, 16-Channel Monitor Line Mixer, 16 Balanced jack inputs for stereo or mono use, Large headroom, Monitor / FX send control per section with global master control, Monitor / FX s... Loe edasi

Behringer ZMX8210 V2 Ultrazone

186.00 € " Behringer ZMX8210 V2 Ultrazone, Professional 8 channel 3-Bus Mic / Line Zone Mixer with remote control and link interfaces, 6 Ultra-low noise mic / line inputs with gain control, -20 dB pad, Leve... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio Compact 6.2

410.00 € " DAP-Audio Compact 6.2, 6 Channel Mixer / USB Player, 2 Zones, Mic input with Comp / Limit, USB player with pitch control, Display with ID3 text, Input channels: 2x microphone (XLR / jack combined... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio Compact 8.1

290.00 € " DAP-Audio Compact 8.1, 8-Channel Installation Mixer, 8 Combined mic / line inputs (XLR / RCA), Master EQ with Mid Sweep, Phantom power, Selectable high pass filter, XLR master output (balanced), ... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio Compact 9.2

334.00 € " DAP-Audio Compact 9.2, 9-Channel Installation Mixer, 2 Zones, Channel displays that indicate the input source, Gain settings on the back, Main EQ settings on the back, 3 x Combi XLR / jack microp... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio IMIX-5.3

312.00 € " DAP-Audio IMIX-5.3, 5 Channel Installation Mixer, 3 Zones, Input channels: 1x microphone (XLR / jack combined), 7x Line (RCA), 2x Phono (RCA), 1x Phone (3.5 mm jack), Output channels: 3x master b... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio IMIX-7.1

356.00 € DAP-Audio IMIX-7. 1, Installation Mixer, 7 Channel 2U installation mixer, 3 Master outputs, Master EQ, Dimensions (W x H x D): 481 x 95 x 88 mm, Weight: 2.8 kg@+@+*Input channels:*@+@+, 2 x Microp... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio IMIX-7.3

388.00 € " DAP-Audio IMIX-7.3, 7-Channel Installation Mixer, 3 Zones, Input channels: 2x microphone (XLR / jack combined), 11x Line (RCA), 2x Phono (RCA), 1x Phone (3.5mm jack), Outputs: 3x master balanced ... Loe edasi

LD Systems MS 828

206.00 € " LD Systems MS 828, Line Splitter / Mixer, Line mixer 8 in 2, and splitter 2 in 8, 6 Mono inputs, 2x XLR main inputs, 2x XLR main outputs, 4x XLR in/out, 2x Stereo jack in/out, Adjustable main on/... Loe edasi

Rolls RM-64

505.00 € " Rolls RM-64, Four Zone Mixer, 2x XLR microphone input, 4x RCA stereo input, 4x XLR zone output, Automatic ducking (talkover) in each microphone channel, Zones volume separately controllable via r... Loe edasi

Rolls RM-69

323.00 € " Rolls RM-69, 19"" Rack Mixer, 2x XLR microphone inputs, 4x Line inputs RCA L/R, 12 V phantom per microphone input, Microphone input 1 can be plugged into the front as well as the rear side of the... Loe edasi

Sonifex Redbox RB-SS10

1285.00 € " Sonifex Redbox RB-SS10, 10-Channel stereo source selector / mixer, Adjustable main- and headphone outputs, Source selection via 10 backlit front buttons or via remote connection, Rack size: 19"",... Loe edasi

Swissonic ZM 4

221.00 € Swissonic ZM 4, 4 Channel 4 Zone Mixer, 4 Microphone/line inputs (with 15v phantom power), 4 Zone line outputs, Aux input, Telephone paging, Priority regulation: CH 1 mutes CH 2-5, 2-Band EQ per c... Loe edasi

Tascam LM-8ST Line Mixer

526.00 € " Tascam LM-8ST Line Mixer, 19 ""Line Mixer, 8 Stereo inputs with line level (6.3 mm jack, balanced), Additional Mic / Line input in channel 1 (XLR, balanced), 2 Stereo outputs (ST1 and ST2 / AUX, ... Loe edasi

Tascam MZ-123 BT

516.00 € " Tascam MZ-123 BT, Compact Installation Mixer, For permanent installation for 3 output zones, Integrated Bluetooth receiver, 2 Microphone inputs for announcements and moderation, Talkover function... Loe edasi

Tascam MZ-223

463.00 € Tascam MZ-223, Built-In Mixer for Permanent Installation, Offers 2 mono and 5 stereo channels, which can be divided into 3 stereo outputs and mixed, 2 Microphone inputs with 3-band EQ: XLR / jack ... Loe edasi

Tascam MZ-372 Mixer

599.00 € " Tascam MZ-372 Mixer, Built-in Mixer for Permanent Installation, 6 Microphone / Line inputs: XLR/RCA - 4x RCA per channel - 2x L/R, 3 channels switchable to phono, 4 Line outputs: XLR / RCA (2x L/... Loe edasi

Tascam MX-8A

1045.00 € " Tascam MX-8A, 8-Channel Matrix Mixer and USB Audio Interface with DSP Processor, 16/24 Bit / 44.1/48 kHz, Controllable via Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232C, Controllable functions for input section: ... Loe edasi

the t.mix Rackmix 821 FX USB

231.00 € " the t.mix Rackmix 821 FX USB, 8 Channel Rack Mixer, With built-in USB audio player and multi-effects device, 3 Band tone control, +48 V phantom power and panorama on each channel, 2 AUX ways: 1 x... Loe edasi

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