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264.00 € ART MX622 - 6-channel mixer with 3x balanced XLR inputs (selectable mic/line level), 3x stereo RCA inputs, level control and clip indicators, selectable 15V phantom power for mic channels, balanced... Loe edasi


329.00 € ART MX821S, Microphone-/Line-Mixer with Stereo Out, 8 Mono Channels, 8 independent Input channels with switch for Input Level and Tone Control, balanced XLR- and unbalanced 1/4" TR Connectors on ea... Loe edasi


329.00 € ART MX822, Microphone-/Line-Mixer with Effect Loop, 8 Stereo Input Channels with with individual level, pan and effects send controls, External effects loop with independent send and return control... Loe edasi

Behringer MX882 V2

133.00 € Behringer MX882 V2, 8-channel splitter / mixer, 8 in / 2 out line mixer and 2 in / 8 out line splitter, each channel can operate independently in mixer or splitter mode, usable as 6 in / 6 out leve... Loe edasi

Behringer RX1202FX V2

221.00 € Behringer RX 1202 FX V2 - 12 channel rack mixer with 8x XLR inputs, 2x stereo inputs (jack), 2 band EQ, clip LEDs on each channel, 1x pre-fader aux, 1x post-fader aux, 24bit effects processor with ... Loe edasi

Behringer RX1602 V2

152.00 € Behringer RX1602 V2; 16-channel monitor line mixer; 16 balanced TRS connector inputs for stereo or mono use; great headroom; Monitor / FX transmitter controls per section with global master transmi... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio Compact 6.2

403.00 € DAP-Audio Compact 6.2, 6 channel 1U mixer/USB player, 2 zones, mic input with Comp/Limit, USB player with pitch control, display with ID3 text, input channels: 2x microphone (combo XLR/jack), 2x Li... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio Compact 8.1

286.00 € DAP-Audio Compact 8.1, 8 channel 1U install mixer, 8 combined Mic/Line-inputs (XLR/RCA), main EQ with Mid-frequency sweep, phantom power, selectable Hi-pass filter, XLR master output (balanced), he... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio Compact 9.2

329.00 € DAP-Audio Compact 9.2, 9 channel 1U install mixer, 2 zones, channel displays that show the input source, gain settings at backpanel, main EQ settings at backpanel, 3x combo XLR/jack microphone inpu... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio IMIX-5.3

307.00 € DAP-Audio IMIX-5.3, 5 channel 4U install mixer, 3 zones, input channels: 1x microphone (combo XLR/jack), 7x Line (RCA), 2x Phono (RCA), 1x Phone (3,5mm jack), output channels: 3x master balanced (X... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio IMIX-7.1

350.00 € DAP-Audio IMIX-7.1, 7 channel 2U install mixer, 3 master outputs, input channels: 2x microphone (combo XLR/jack), 11x Line (RCA), 2x Phono (RCA), 1x Phone (3,5mm jack), output channels: 3x master b... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio IMIX-7.2 USB

809.00 € DAP-Audio IMIX-7.2, 7 channel 6U install mixer, 2 zones, channel displays that show the input source, 2 built-in USB audio interfaces (48Khz, 16bit plug & play for windows and MAC), VCA control... Loe edasi

DAP-Audio IMIX-7.3

382.00 € DAP-Audio IMIX-7.3, 7 channel 2U install mixer, 3 zones, input channels: 2x microphone (combo XLR/jack), 11x Line (RCA), 2x Phono (RCA), 1x Phone (3,5mm jack), output channels: 3x master balanced (... Loe edasi

Denon Professional DN-312X

208.00 € Denon DN-312X, Professional 12-channel mixer, 6 XLR inputs with D & M Professional HDHQ mic preamps, 3-band EQ, 6 mono (3 stereo) RCA inputs, 6,3 mm jack microphone monitor output, Balanced XLR... Loe edasi

LD Systems MS 828

202.00 € LD Systems MS 828, 19" 1U Line Splitter/Mixer, 8 in 2 / 2 in 8, 6 Mono-Inputs, 2x XLR Main Input, 2x XLR Main Output, 4x XLR in/out, 2x TRS in/out, adjustable Main In/Out Level, adjustable Level an... Loe edasi


163.00 € Rane BLACK & BLUE; Mono Bluetooth Mixer with 3 Bluetooth channels; 20 Watt Mono Class-D amplifier (4 Ohms, 70V, 100V); 3,5 mm mini jack input; USB (44,1 kHz/24-bit) port for connection of a com... Loe edasi

Rolls RM-64

399.00 € Rolls RM64, 19" 4-Zone-Mixer, 2x XLR-Microphone input, 4x RCA-Stereo Input, 4x XLR-Zone-Out, Automatic Ducking (Talkover) per mic channel, jack Main Out, every zone separately remote controlable, 1... Loe edasi

Rolls RM-67

445.00 € OLLS RM-67, 19" rackmixer with 3x XLR-mic input, 4x RCA-Stereo input, + 12 Volt phantompower per channel switchable, pad-switch for mic channels, gain per channel, Auto-Ducking (Talkover), RCA Reco... Loe edasi

Rolls RM-69

303.00 € Rolls RM-69, 19" Rackmixer, 2x mic in XLR, 4x Line-Input RCA L/R, 12 volt phantompower per mic input, Mic Ch 1 on rear and front plugable, 2x record out RCA, 2x main out L/R jack, 2-band EQ for lin... Loe edasi

Rolls RM-82

455.00 € Rolls RM-82, 8 XLR,Microphone Inputs, Individual Gain Pot For each channel, Equalizer (Highs and Low), individual switchable +48V Phantom power switches, 8 x 1/4" standard Jack Inputs, (internally ... Loe edasi

Sonifex Redbox RB-SS10

1028.00 € Sonifex Redbox RB-SS10, 10 channelstereo sourceselector/mixer, adjustable output, headphone output, soureselect with 10 illuminated switches or remoteconnector, 19", 1HE

Swissonic ZM 4

179.00 € Swissonic ZM 4, 4 Channel 4 Zone Mixer, 4 Mic / Line Inputs (with 15v Phantompower), 4 Line Zone Outputs, Aux Input, Telefon Paging, Priority-Switch, 2 Band EQ per Channel, Ch 1 has priority over c... Loe edasi

Tascam LM-8ST Line Mixer

482.00 € Tascam LM-8ST 19" Line Mixer - 8x stereo input channels (balanced TRS), suitable for line sources such as CD/mp3 players, tuners, TV or VCR audio signals etc. Additional mic/line input with level c... Loe edasi

Tascam MZ-123 BT

507.00 € Tascam MZ-123 BT; compact Installation mixer for three output zones; integrated Bluetooth receiver; two microphone inputs for announcements and moderation; talkover function (threshold, time and on... Loe edasi

Tascam MZ-223

433.00 € Tascam MZ-223; Installation Mixer; 2 mono inputs and 5 stereo inputs can be distributed and mixed to 3 individual stereo outputs; 2x microphone input (XLR/TRS combo jack) with 3-band EQ, level mete... Loe edasi

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