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Istanbul Agop 16" Agop Signature Hi-Hat

497.00 € Istanbul Agop 16" Agop Signature Hi-Hat, B20 bronze, hand-hammered, dry stick definition with a warm tone and crisp chick sound, The agop signature series was the last projekt of the master cymbals... Loe edasi

Istanbul Mehmet 16" X-Ray Series Random Hi-Hat

329.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 16" X-Ray Series Random Hi-Hat, B20 bronce, traditional finish, with 24 varied holes, distorted sound, fast attack, deep tone, short sustain,

Meinl 16" Byzance Extra Dry Hi-Hat

596.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 16" Extra Dry Medium Thin Hi-Hat, B16EDMTH, natural finish, material: B20 bronze, hand hammered, extremely dry, dark sound with trashy character and short sustain, controlled ... Loe edasi

Meinl 16" Byzance Hi-Hat Medium

518.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 16" Hi-Hat Medium, Traditional Finish, Byzance cymbals are completely hand made from start to finish, 80% copper + 20% tin, Made in Turkey, Wide dynamic spectrum with a soft, ... Loe edasi

Meinl 16" Byzance Sand Hi-Hat

596.00 € Meinl Byzance Series 16" Vintage Sand Hi-Hat - Benny Greb signature hi-hat (pair). The sandblasted surface, various hammering techniques and noticeable weight difference between the top and bottom ... Loe edasi

Meinl 16" Classics Custom Dark HH

318.00 € Meinl Classics Custom Series, CC16DAH, 16" Dark Hi-Hat, finish: natural, B10 bronze alloy, the Dark Hihat provides a bright, warm stick attack and a clear chick-sound, ideal for music styles where ... Loe edasi

Paiste 16" 2002 Black Big Beat Hi-Hat

466.00 € Paiste 16" 2002 Black Big Beat Hi-Hat, CuSn8 bronce, based on 2002 series with distinctly new hammering pattern and slightly darkened, semi-matted finish,

Paiste 16" Giant Beat Hi-Hat

487.00 € Paiste 16" Giant Beat Hi-Hat, finish: regular, for soft to loud playing - live and for studio recording, bright and warm sound with a complex, rich, dark and glassy shimmering presence [3,05_CH]

Paiste 16" PSTX Swiss Hats

259.00 € Paiste PSTX Series, 16" Swiss Hats, silk mat Surface, combine two PSTX cymbals from different alloys, bronce and brass, the result are an dry powerful Hi-Hat Sound,

Paiste 2002 Classic 17" Sound Edge HH

466.00 € Paiste 2002 Classic Series 17" Sound Edge Hi-Hat - medium bright, full, warm, wide range, fairly complex mix. Fast, responsive feel. Energetic open sound. Sharp, full chick sound. The original pate... Loe edasi

Sabian 16" Artisan Elite Hi-Hat

799.00 € Sabian 16" Artisan Elite Hi-Hat, natural finish, B20 bronze, hand hammered Sabian hi-end series, high-densitiv hammering, unique lathing, medium top and medium heavy bottom cymbal, very warm and da... Loe edasi

Zildjian 16" Avedis Hi-Hat

610.00 € Zildjian 16" Avedis Hi-Hat, Patina Finish, warm sound with long sustain, medium bottom cymbal and thin top cymbal for prominent chick sound, vintage stile with "Avedis" Logo from Avedis 1939 passport

Zildjian 16" K Sweet Hats

680.00 € Zildjian 16" K Sweet Hats, dark and fast sounding cymbal, "random hammering", warm and rich sound

Zildjian 16" K-Series Light Hi-Hat

680.00 € Zildjian K-Series 16" Light Hi-Hat - based on requests from players for a lighter weight version of the heralded K hi-hats, these K light hi-hats have a medium thin top paired with a medium bottom ... Loe edasi

Zultan 16" Dune Hi-Hat

264.00 € Zultan 16" Hi-Hat, Dune Series, Material: B20 Bronze, hand hammered, dry, thrashy sound with fast decay, deep hammer marks, sophisticated sound with light overtones, polished bell yet fine stick ar... Loe edasi

Zultan 16" Heritage Hi-Hat

361.00 € Zultan 16" Heritage Hi-Hat, 100% handcrafted cymbal following the ancient tradition of cymbal making, crafted with serveral hammers, Material: B20 Bronze, cutting but suitable for nearly any kind o... Loe edasi

Ufip 16" Blast Series Hi-Hat

507.00 € Ufip 16" Blast Series Hi-Hat, Material: B20 bronze, double-hammered, Sound: modern, explosive, trashy with a very fast attack and short decay, fits perfect for all modern styles of music,

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