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Cordial CMK 422 Twin

3.34 € Cordial CMK 422, proffessional twin-cable (per meter), 2x 0,22 qmm, shielded, black

pro snake 31000 Pink /100m

142.00 € pro snake 31000 Pink, 100 m Microphone Cable on a Drum, high quality LF cable, conductor cross-section: 2x 0,22 mm², sold as 100 m on a drum, length: 100 m, colour: pink, Made in Germany, Note: Al... Loe edasi

pro snake Phono Line

3.65 € pro snake Phono Line: High quality audiocable for HiFi applications; ideal for turntables because of a seperate grounding wire; very good shielding; color: blue

Sommer Cable Colonel Incredible

3.89 € Sommer Cable Colonel Incredible, olive coloured instrument cable, 2x 0,35mm², PVC outer jacket, diamteter 7,2 mm, conductor resistance per KM 55 Ohms,Sommer Cable Offroad Series, price per meter

Sommer Cable Logic MODF32

24.69 € Sommer Cable Logic MODF32, multipaircable for installations 32 pair Audio analog and digital Multicore, (AWG23/1) x2x0,56 mm2

Sommer Cable Onyx 2025 BK

3.15 € Sommer Cable Onyx 2025 - unbalanced twin patch cable (2 x 1 x 0.25mm2). Colour: Black, exterior diameter 3,8 x 8,3 mm

Sommer Cable SC-CICADA 4

2.33 € Sommer Cable SC-CICADA 4, Patch & Microphone Cable, ultraflexible due to the fine litz construction, easy to handle owing to the extra drain wire (0.22 mm²), excellent shielding, 4x 0,14 mm²,... Loe edasi

Sommer Cable SC-Stratos

17.18 € Sommer Cable SC-Stratos, unbalanced high qualitiy Hifi-cable for Home-Entertainment and Studio applications, especially for installatios, warmth restistance, 1x 0,34 mm², exterior diameter 8,5 mm,... Loe edasi

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