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Alfred Music Publishing - The Brush Revolution

Alfred Music Publishing - The Brush Revolution
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Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, The Brush Revolution, How to Evolve Your Language to Musicianship, by Florian Alexandru-Zorn, This DVD includes drum techniques for both the beginner and advanced drummer,helping you enhance your creativity, Using these new concepts,you will be able to create new sounds and rhythms whitch are only playable with brushes, Content: Notation, Pyramid Stickings, Grooves with Quintuplets, Rudiments with Quintuplets, Combinations of Stickings, Tap-Sweet Concepts, Polymetrics, Gospel-Chop Concepts, Hihat Exercises, Bounus: Drum Solo, Miniset Solo, Orchestral Solo, A PDF of each exercise can be found on the DVD, English and german language, Running Time: 84 minutes

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