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LP 1202 Jam Block Holder 90°

18.15 € Latin Percussion LP1202 Jam Block Holder 90°, Mounting Clamp for Latin Percussion Jam Blocks

LP 1203 Jam Block Holder

18.15 € Latin Percussion LP1203 Jam Block Holder, Mounting Clamp for Latin Percussion Jam Blocks

LP 236C Cowbell Holder

35.09 € Latin Percussion LP236C - cowbell holder with multi-clamp and single rod.

LP 236D Chimes Holder

31.34 € Latin Percussion LP236D Chimes Holder - chrome plated steel brackets, will attach to rods or stands from 3/8" to 1-1/8" diameter.

LP 236T Super Mount All

54.45 € Latin Percussion LP236T, Super Mount All, Percussion Mount, for Mount on all available Drum Stands, New design with ratchet tilter, Allows included 3/8" rod to be rotated and tilted for convenient ... Loe edasi

LP 325 Afuche Cabasa Holder

35.09 € Latin Percussion LP325, Afuche Cabasa Holder

LP 388N Gajate Holder

64.13 € Latin Percussion LP388N Gajate Holder - connects a footpedal to a cowbell or jamblock.

LP 444N Vibra Slap Holder

29.04 € Latin Percussion LP444N, Holder for Vibra Slap

LP 592A-X Mic Claw with Z-Rod

47.19 € Latin Percussion LP 592A-X Mic Claw with Z-Rod, microphone holder with L-piece, ( L -piece length: 27cm ), 5/8" thread

LP 765 Percussion Singlerods

31.46 € Latin Percussion LP765, Singlerods, Mountingrod for all Mountable Latin Percussion Instruments, 6 Piece,

LP 826M Compact Conga Mount

131.00 € Latin Percussion LP826M Compact Conga Mounting System - tilting bracket allows mounting of one or two compact congas, compact design, chrome plated steel construction, easy to assemble/disassemble.

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