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Kaufmann Cymbal Mallet 179

72.61 € Kaufmann cymbal Mallet 179, Staatsoper roll, head: hard felt, head diameter: 32mm, headsize: 48mm, handle: beech, total length: 38,5cm, weight: 70g, handmade in Austria, pair

Mike Balter Cymbal Beater SC1

42.35 € Mike Balter Cymbal Beater SC1, tightly wound head for articulation and a cutting cymbal roll, pair

Millenium Cymbal Sticks

17.55 € Millenium Cymbal Sticks, for Crescendi and cymbal rolls, Material: Hornbeam, Length: 37,5 cm, Diametre: 13,5 mm, pair, colour: Burgundy

Ron Vaughn CymM-4B High Density Cy Mallet

71.39 € Ron Vaughn CymM-4B, Cymbal Mallet, 13" Birch/Maple Shafts, color band Gray, pair

Ron Vaughn CymM-4R High Density Cy Mallet

78.66 € Ron Vaughn CymM-4R, Cymbal Mallet, 14" Rattan Shafts, color band Copper, pair

Ron Vaughn CymM-5B High Density Cy Mallet

73.82 € Ron Vaughn CymM-5B, Cymbal Mallet X-Long, 15 1/2" Birch/Maple Shafts, color band Royal Blue, pair

Ron Vaughn CymM-5R High Density Cy Mallet

83.50 € Ron Vaughn CymM-5R, Cymbal Mallet, 15 1/2" Rattan Shafts, color band red, pair

Vic Firth BCS1 Cymbal Sticks

62.32 € Vic Firth BCS1, Named after the German word for "cymbal", these mallets are uniquely designed for playing suspended cymbals. Crafted in maple. Soft, large yarn wound heads for rolls and long cresce... Loe edasi

Wincent Swoosh Mallet

35.09 € Wincent Swoosh Mallet, Simply a stick for cymbal swells and tom-tom playing. very soft feltballs, pair

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