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LP 1207-T Jam Tamb

45.98 € Latin Percussion LP1207-T Jam Tamb, Features: 6 pairs of nickel-plated steel alloy jingles produces a bright sound that projects, Rubber surface for stick rebound and comfortable hand playing, The ... Loe edasi

LP 182 Jingle Kick

35.09 € Latin Percussion LP182 Jingle Kick, Fusheki Attachment, to fasten on all pedals,, 12 brass bells, made of sturdy hard plastic

LP 436 Finger Cymbals

31.46 € Latin Percussion LP436 Finger Cymbals, 1 Pair, Made of a special cast bronze alloy, Handmade cymbals measure 2-1/2" in diameter and have a clear, delicate, pure sound, Each cymbal is mounted to a c... Loe edasi

LP 450 Bell Tree

314.00 € Latin Percussion LP450 Bell Tree, 26 brass bells ranging from high to low pitch, Offers a broad range of sounds, Black steel stand has four cushioned feet for skid free tabletop use

LP 589

142.00 € Latin Percussion LP589 Bell Tree - handheld, wood, 14 brass bells.

LP CP374 Sleigh Bells

42.35 € Latin Percussion CP374 Sleigh Bells - 25-bells attached to fabric strips and then mounted to a wooden handle.

LP LP477 Cajon Jingle Click

26.50 € LP LP477 Cajon Jingle Click, Jingle Add-On for Cajons, sturdy LP steel jingels, backside to attach with LP Cajon Saddle or directly onto the Cajon, ergonomic Design

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