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Sonor AGP Alto Glockenspiel

142.00 € Sonor Alto Glockenspiel AGP, tonal range c2-a3, C-major scale with f-sharp2, b-flat2 and f-sharp3, 16 bars, fundamental tuning, silver steel bars 20 x 3 mm, resonator made of pinewood, solid and pl... Loe edasi

Sonor GL-25 PN Glockenspiel

163.00 € Sonor GL 25 PN Glockenspiel incl. mallets and soft bag, 2 octaves a2 - a4

Sonor NG11 Alto Glockenspiel

77.45 € Sonor NG11 Alto Glockenspiel - C2-A3 tonal range, C-major scale with F-sharp2, B-flat2 and F-sharp3, 16 red steel bars (20 x 2mm), beechwood resonator, includes 1 pair of mallets (SCH 40).

Sonor NG31 Alto Glockenspiel

137.00 € Sonor NG31 Alto Glockenspiel - C2 to Bb3 range, chromatic scale, 23x red steel bars (20 x 2mm), fundamental tuning, beechwood resonator, includes one pair of SCH 40 mallets.

Sonor TAG19 Tenor Alto Glockenspiel

202.00 € Sonor TAG19, Tenor Alto Glockenspiel, c2 - 4, C mayor scale with f-sharp2 and b-flat2 and f-sharp3 and b-flat3, 19 bars, special alloy metal bars 25 x 5 mm, resonator made of beechwood, solid and p... Loe edasi

Studio 49 AGc Alto Glockenspiel

253.00 € Studio 49 AGc Alto Glockenspiel - chromatic, c2-a3, 20x 3mm steel alloy bars, includes 2x S2 mallets.

Studio 49 AGd Alto Glockenspiel

158.00 € Studio 49 AGd, Alto Glockenspiel, diatonisch, 16 bars of steel alloy (20x3mm), Tonal Range C2 - A3, solid wood resonance boxes, replaceable f# - and bb - bars, incl. 1 pair of mallets S2,

Studio 49 GAD Alto Glockenspiel

78.66 € Studio 49 GAD Alto Glockenspiel - Cantabile series, fine sounding and inexpensive introduction for nursery school, kindergarten and family. Steel alloy bars, C2-A3 range, solid wood resonator boxes... Loe edasi

Studio 49 GT Bell Tower

103.00 € Studio 49 GT Bell Tower, tonal range c2 - la3, f# and bb bars included, 16 bars 20 x 2 mm, bars made of special steel, Resonance box made of solid beech, Rich sound quality in the lower range, Fabr... Loe edasi

Studio 49 H-GA

62.92 € Studio 49 H-GA, chromatic resonance box for Gad Alto Glockenspiel

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