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Acme Crow Whistle

14.40 € Acme 828024 Crow Whistle

Acme Cuckoo Call

35.09 € Acme Cuckoo Call, top-quality for professional pretensions, Essential Toy Symphony sound Effect, 6" or 15 cm long,

Acme Duck Call

22.99 € Acme Duck Call, Produces good Mallard, Teal & widgeon calls, Excellent quack

Acme Nightingale

47.19 € Acme 828.006 Nightingale

Acme Siren

59.29 € Acme Siren - siren whistle, a wonderful sound effect or a useful and unusual warning signal for small boats and general use, professional model, the classic loud whooshing siren sound. Length: 7.4c... Loe edasi

Acme Siren "Large Model"

120.00 € Acme Siren, large model, nickel-plated, horn-effect, top-quality for professional pretensions

Acme Whistle Thunderer

14.40 € Acme Whistle Thunderer, Big size, Solid Brass, Silvery Finish, Pea Whistle, Tapered Mouthpiece, a medium sound recommended for: General Signalling & Police, Blowrate: Modest, Blowsound: Medium ... Loe edasi

Gewa Acme Slide Whistle

55.66 € Gewa Acme Slide Whistle - concert model, 30cm long.

Goldon Lotus Flute

17.55 € Goldon Lotus Flute, Material: plastic with wooden mouth piece, Length: 23,5cm

Meinel Kuckuck

19.36 € Meinel Kuckuck, 2 Tones (E + G),

Meinel Lotus Flute

24.08 € Meinel Wooden Lotus Flute – 23cm.

Meinel Wachtel

31.34 € Meinel Quail, Material: maple, Quail call, incl. bag,

Terre Owl Bamboo

5.15 € Terre Owl Bamboo, does the typical hoot of an Owl, made of bamboo

Thomann Train Whistle

11.98 € Thomann Train whhistle, generates the typical signal tone of a train, made of wood, made in USA

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