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LP 281 Pro Maracas

20.57 € LP 281 Pro Maracas, Pro Maracas, Wooden handles, Plastic body, Yellow, Price per pair

LP 281R Refillable Maracas

25.41 € LP 281R Refillable Maracas, Refillable Maracas, Wooden handle, Plastic body, Colour: Black, 1 Pair, Special feature: Refillable, the filling material can be exchanged

LP 389 Fiber Maracas

43.56 € LP 389 Fiber Maracas, Fibre Maracas, Wooden handle, Fibreglass body, Black, Price per pair

LP 393-RH Salsa Maracas

100.00 € LP 393-RH Salsa Maracas, Salsa Maracas, Handle made of wood, Body made of leather, Finish: Natural, Price per pair

LP 394 Macho Maracas

90.76 € LP 394 Macho Maracas, Macho Maracas, Wooden handle, Leather body, Price for pair

LP 395 Maracas Rawhide

95.60 € LP 395 Maracas Rawhide, Macho Maracas, Made of leather, 2 Pieces, Particularly well matched, Price per pair

Meinl MSM2 Skin Maracas M

30.25 € Meinl MSM2 Skin Maracas M, Skin Maracas, Size: Mini, Wooden handle, Length: 18 cm, Max. diameter: 5.4 cm, Including: 1 Pair

Meinl MSM3 Traditional Maracas

79.87 € Meinl MSM3 Traditional Maracas, Skin Maracas, Material: Fur with wooden handle, Size: Large, Length: 30 cm, Max. diameter: 7.8 cm

Meinl MSM4 Jumbo Maracas

90.76 € Meinl MSM4 Jumbo Maracas, Skin Maracas, Material: fur with wooden handle, Size: X-large

Meinl MWM1MC Maracas

37.51 € Meinl MWM1MC Maracas, Maracas, Material: Wood, 1 Pair, Colour: Multicolour

Meinl MWM2AM Maracas

37.51 € Meinl MWM2AM Maracas, Maracas, Material: Wood, 1 Pair, Colour: Amber

Meinl PEMBK Egg Maracas

9.68 € Meinl PEMBK Egg Maracas, Maracas, Made of ABS plastic, Small, Colour: Black, Contents of the delivery : 1 pair

Meinl PM1BK Maracas

42.35 € Meinl PM1BK Maracas, Macho Maracas, 1 Pair, Colour: Black, Material: Plastic, Ergonomically shaped wooden handles, Length: 27 cm

Meinl PM2BK Maracas

26.62 € Meinl PM2BK Maracas, Maracas, Big grains, Colour: Black, Amount in delivery: 1 pair

Meinl PM3BK Maracas

19.36 € Meinl PM3BK Maracas, Maracas, 1 Pair, Colour: Black, Material: Plastic, Ergonomically shaped plastic handles, Length: 27 cm

Millenium MA9P Maracas

8.35 € Millenium MA9P Maracas, Maracas, Material: Plastic, Length: 23 cm, Diameter: 7.5 cm, 1 pair@+@+*Note:* Different colours (red, green, blue) - Delivery is unsorted!

Pearl PFM-20 Beaded Maracas

39.93 € Pearl PFM-20 Beaded Maracas, Maracas with Beads, Material: Fibre glass, With attached beads, Excellent sound and good playing control, With foam-rubber handles

Sonor GMP Maracas BK

15.61 € Sonor GMP Maracas BK, Maracas, Plastic body, Length: 25 cm, Diameter: 9 cm, 1 Pair, Colour: Black

Sonor GMWS Maracas Small

50.82 € Sonor GMWS Maracas Small, Maracas, Version: Wooden body, small, Colour: Red with colourful designs, Length: 22 cm, Diameter: 7 cm, 1 Pair

Sonor L2693 Maracas

22.99 € Sonor L2693 Maracas, Maracas Pair@+Maracas are among the best known percussion instruments and can be used to play rhythms with diverse techniques @+@+, Mexican model, Available in wood, plastic o... Loe edasi

Studio 49 MA21 Maracas

31.46 € STUDIO 49 MA21 Maracas, Maracas, Original Mexican, Revised by STUDIO 49, Length: approx. 21 cm, *Set comprises:* 1 Pair

Studio 49 MA26 Maracas

35.09 € Studio 49 MA26 Maracas, Maracas, Original Mexican, Revised by STUDIO 49, About 26 cm long, 1 Pair

Terre Maracas Coconut Pair

19.24 € Terre Maracas Coconut Pair, Maracas, Model 463, Coconut maracas, Pair, Coconut in combination with the steel balls create a powerful, cutting sound

Thomann Buffalo Maracas L

36.18 € Thomann Buffalo Maracas L, length: 28cm, diameter: 8cm, material head: buffalo skin, wooden handle, medium grain, balanced sound

Thomann Maracas Red

11.98 € Thomann Maracas Red, length: 26 cm, diameter: 8 cm, material head: plastic, foam stick, colour: red, medium grain for a quieter sound

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