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LP 281 Pro Maracas

25.41 € Latin Percussion L281 Pro Maracas - wood grip, plastic body, pair. Colour: Yellow

LP 281F Foot Maracas

75.03 € Latin Percussion LP281F Foot Maracas - lets drummers and percussionists play the soft shaker sound of a maraca with their feet, played using standard bass drum pedal via LP388N or LP388M Gajate foo... Loe edasi

LP 281R Refillable Maracas

27.83 € Latin Percussion LP281R, Refillable Maracas, Wood Grip, Plastic Body, colour: black, Pair, Allow players to customize their sounds, Twist off the handles to add, remove, or change the type of fill ... Loe edasi

LP 389 Fiber Maracas

41.14 € Latin Percussion LP389, Fiber Maracas, Wood Grip, Fiberglass Body, black, Pair,

LP 393-RH Salsa Maracas

99.23 € Latin Percussion L393-RH Salsa Maracas - wooden grip, leather body. Finish: Natural (pair)

LP 394 Macho Maracas

83.50 € Latin Percussion LP394, Macho Maracas, Wood Grip, Leather Body, Pair,

LP 395 Maracas Rawhide

71.39 € Latin Percussion LP395 Maracas Rawhide

Meinl MSM2 Skin Maracas M

25.41 € Meinl MSM2 - skin maracas with wooden handles. (Pair).

Meinl MSM3 Traditional Maracas

64.13 € Meinl MSM3, Skin Maracas, Traditional, Pair, wooden handle,

Meinl MSM4 Jumbo Maracas

77.45 € Meinl MSM4, Skin Maracas, Jumbo, Pair, wooden handle

Meinl MWM1MC Maracas

35.09 € Meinl MWM1MC; a pair of Multicoloured wooden maracas

Meinl MWM2AM Maracas

35.09 € Meinl MWM2AM Maracas Wood, Pair, Colour: Amber

Meinl PEMBK Egg Maracas

9.08 € Meinl PEMBK Egg Maracas - ABS plastic, pair. colour: black

Meinl PM1BK Maracas

36.30 € Meinl PM1BK Maracas pair, colour: black, material: plastic, ergonomically shaped wooden handles, length: 24cm,

Meinl PM2BK Maracas

22.99 € Meinl PM2BK Maracas pair in black

Meinl PM3BK Maracas

16.94 € Meinl PM3BK Maracas pair, colour: black, material: plastic, ergonomically shaped plastic handles, length: 27cm,

Millenium MA9P Maracas

8.35 € Millenium MA9P Maracas - plastic, (sold as a pair). lenght 23cm, diameter 7,5cm, different colours (green, blue, red), unsorted delivery

Pearl PFM-20 Beaded Maracas

33.88 € Pearl PFM-20 Beaded Maracas, Fiberglass cords with outside beads offer an excellent sound with greater control.

Sonor GMP Maracas BK

15.61 € Sonor GMP Maracas - plastic body. Dimensions: 25 x 9cm (Length x Diameter). Colour: Black. (Pair)

Sonor GMWS Maracas Small

40.17 € Sonor GMWS, Maracas, Design: wood, small, Colour: red with coloured themes, Length: 22 cm, Diameter: 7 cm, 1 pair

Sonor L2693 Maracas

32.31 € Sonor L 2693 Mexican Style Wood Maracas - among the best known percussion instruments, allows for many different ways of rhythmic accentuation and playing styles. Available in wood, plastic or cala... Loe edasi

Studio 49 MA21 Maracas

30.25 € Studio 49 MA21 Maracas, Mexican original, additional refinished by STUDIO 49, about 21 cm long, 1 pair,

Studio 49 MA26 Maracas

33.88 € Studio 49 MA26 Maracas, Mexican original, additional refinished by STUDIO 49, about 26 cm long, 1 pair,

Terre Maracas Coconut Pair

16.34 € Terre Maracas, Model -463, Maracas made of Coconut, Pair, steelballs filling

Thomann TKP Wooden Maraca high

7.87 € Thomann Kids Percussion Wooden Maraca, high, beech, diameter 45mm, length 180mm, made in Germany, piece

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