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LP 243 Super Guiro

39.93 € LP 243 Super Guiro, Super Guiro, Plastic body, Includes 2 scrapers (1 x plastic and 1x wood)

LP 243B Super Guiro Scraper

4.76 € LP 243B Super Guiro Scraper, Super guiro scraper (staff), Plastic, 1 pc plastic rod for Guiro LP243

LP 249 Cuban Guiro

103.00 € LP 249 Cuban Guiro, Guiro, Cuban style, Natural body with wooden scraper

LP 305 Merengue Guiro

173.00 € LP 305 Merengue Guiro, Merengue Guiro, Open metal body, With handle, Includes scraper

LP 307 Ultra Pro Merengue

202.00 € " LP 307 Ultra Pro Merengue, Guiro, Open metal body, Diameter 7"", With handle, Incl. LP333 scraper"

LP 452 Multi Guiro Metal

78.66 € LP 452 Multi Guiro Metal, Multi guiro, Made of metal, Includes Scraper

Meinl GU1AM Guiro

48.40 € Meinl GU1AM Guiro, Wood Guiro, Two finger holes, Colour: Amber, Includes wooden scraper

Meinl GU7BK Guiro Fiberglass

83.50 € Meinl GU7BK Guiro Fiberglass, Guiro, Made of fiberglass, Ribbed surface with three sound surfaces, Holding holes wrapped in rubber rings, Colour: Black, Includes plastic scraper

Meinl GU7BR Guiro Fiberglass

53.24 € Meinl GU7BR Guiro Fiberglass, Guiro, 3 Different playing surfaces, Holding holes wrapped with rubber rings, Material: fibreglass, Colour: Brown, Incl. plastic scraper

Meinl GU9 Turbo Guiro

42.35 € Meinl GU9 Turbo Guiro, Guiro, Material: plastic, Three different playing surfaces, Holding holes wrapped in rubber rings, Colour: Brown, Includes plastic scraper

Meinl MGU1 Merengue Güira

145.00 € Meinl MGU1 Merengue Güira, Merengue güira, Steel guiro, Colour: Silver, Material: brushed steel, Includes ABS scraper

Meinl MGU2 Merengue Güira Small

120.00 € Meinl MGU2 Merengue Güira Small, Steel lguiro, Small version, Colour: silver, Material: brushed steel, Includes ABS scraper

Meinl MGU3 Merengue Güira Small

114.00 € Meinl MGU3 Merengue Güira Small, Merengue Güira Small, Steel Guiro, Colour: Silver, Material: Brushed steel, Light weight, Incl. ABS scraper

Meinl MGU4 Merengue Güira X-Small

103.00 € Meinl MGU4 Merengue Güira X-Small, Meinl MHU4 Merengue Güira X-small, Steel Guiro, Colour: Silver, Material: Brushed steel, Lightweight, Incl. ABS scraper

Meinl MGUS1 Merengue Güira Shaker

120.00 € Meinl MGUS1 Merengue Güira Shaker, Merengue Güiro Shaker, Steel güiro with shaker filling, Material: Brushed steel, Light weight, Colour: Silver, Including ABS scraper

Meinl Turbo Crasher Medium

33.88 € Meinl Turbo Crasher Medium, Crasher, Colour: Silver / black, Material: Steel, Cutting sound, Guiro-like surface, Suitable for all popular percussion mounts

Millenium G225 Guiro Hand

21.78 € " Millenium G225 Guiro Hand, Guiro fish, Length: 16"", With handle for firm grip, Includes scraper"

Nino Nino 4 Percussion Set

77.45 € Nino Nino 4 Percussion Set, Hand Percussion Set 4, Nino 555 Mini guiro, Nino 550 Triangle, Botany Shaker Banana, Botany Shaker apple, Nino 501 Caxixi, Nino 502 Claves, Nino 540MBR Egg Shaker small... Loe edasi

Nino Nino 555

25.41 € Nino Nino 555, Mini Guiro, Material: Wood, Nature, SIncludes wooden stick

Sonor L2621 Guiro

26.62 € Sonor L2621 Guiro, Mexican guiro, With scrapers@+The guiro belongs in every percussion setup. Originally made from calabash fruit, Sonor offers two fiberglass models that are very comfortable to p... Loe edasi

Studio 49 GU Guiro

35.09 € Studio 49 GU Guiro, Guiro, Original Mexican style, With scraper

Terre Guiroshaker Large

16.82 € Terre Guiroshaker Large, Guiro Shaker, Large version, Guiro made of oiled wood with integrated shaker, Includes wooden stick

Terre Guiroshaker Small

15.61 € Terre Guiroshaker Small, Guiro Shaker, Small version, Guiro made of oiled wood with integrated shaker, Includes wooden stick

Thomann Dolphin Guiro

14.52 € Thomann Dolphin Guiro, Woodblock and Guiro, Design: Dolphin, Length: approx. 18cm, Height: approx. 7.5 cm, Includes wooden mallet

Thomann GR-R Guiro Red

18.03 € Thomann GR-R Guiro Red, Guiro, Material: Plastic, Two differently ribbed surfaces, Length: 33 cm, Colour: Red, Includes 1 wooden and 1 plastic scraper

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