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LP 243 Super Guiro

41.14 € Latin Percussion LP243 Super Guiro - precision-moulded from high-strength plastic, rubber-lined finger holes for maximum comfort and control, two scrapers. Includes Plastic model for bright, loud s... Loe edasi

LP 243B Super Guiro Scraper

7.26 € Latin Percussion LP243B Super Guiro Scraper - 1-piece plastic scraper for LP243 Guiro.

LP 249 Cuban Guiro

90.76 € Latin Percussion LP249 Cuban Guiro - Cuban style, natural body, includes wooden scraper.

LP 305 Merengue Guiro

108.00 € Latin Percussion LP305, Merengue Guiro, open Metal Korpus, included Grip, included Scraper,

LP 451 Multi Guiro 2 Metal

59.29 € Latin Percussion LP451 Multi Guiro 2 Metal

LP 452 Multi Guiro Metal

55.66 € Latin Percussion LP452 - metal multi guiro with scraper.

Meinl GU1AM Guiro

42.35 € Meinl GU1AM Guiro Wood, Material: Wood, Features: Grip holes, Three striking surfaces Grip holes, Includes: Plastic scraper, Finish: Matt, Colour: AM = Amber,

Meinl GU7BK Guiro Fiberglass

68.97 € Meinl GU7BK Guiro, made of fiberglass, three striking surfaces, rubber ringed grip holes, color: black, incl. plastic scraper,

Meinl GU9 Turbo Guiro

35.09 € Meinl GU9 Turbo Guiro, Material: high strength platic, Three striking surfaces, Rubber ringed grip holes, Includes scraper

Meinl MGU1 Merengue Güira

106.00 € Meinl MGU1 Merengue Güira, Steel Guiro, Colour: Silver, Material: Brushed steel, incl. ABS Scraper

Meinl MGU2 Merengue Güira Small

68.97 € Meinl MGU2 Merengue Güira Small, Steel Guiro, Colour: Silver, Material: Brushed steel, incl. ABS Scraper

Meinl Turbo Crasher Medium

27.71 € Meinl Turbo Crasher Medium, Colour: Silver / Black, Material: Steel, Cutting sound, Güiro style playing surface, Easy mountable, can be placed on any rod and gives a nice short crashing sound

Millenium G225 Guiro Hand

19.24 € Millenium G225 Guiro - fish design with scraper, 16" length, with hand gripfor better handle

Nino Nino 4 Percussion Set

60.50 € Nino hand percussion set - apple and banana shaker, samba guiro, triangle with beater, claves, caxixi and 2 coloured egg shakers, includes bag.

Nino Nino 520 Guiro Shaker

14.04 € Nino 520 Guiro Shaker - rubber wood, with striker, combines a shaker and a guiro sound in one instrument.

Nino Nino 555

18.03 € Nino 555 Mini Guiro inklusive Streicher

Nino Nino 581BK Guiro

15.61 € NINO 581BK, Mini Guiro, Colour Black included Scrapper,

Nino Nino 581R Guiro

15.61 € NINO581R, Mini Guiro, Colour Red, included Scrapper,

Pearl PMG-20 Metal Guiro

58.08 € Pearl PMG-20, Metal Guiro, Perfect for Merengue rhythms, or just a different metallic sound texture, Pearl’s new Metal Guiro will become an essential ingredient in your "toy" bag. Scraper included,

Sonor L2621 Guiro

29.65 € Sonor L2621 Guiro - includes scraper.

Studio 49 GU Guiro

29.04 € Studio 49 GU, Guiro Wood Version, with Scrapper

Terre Guiroshaker Large

16.82 € Terre Guiroshaker Large, guiro made of oiled wood with integrated shaker, including woodstick

Terre Guiroshaker Small

14.40 € Terre Guiroshaker Small, guiro made of oiled wood with integrated shaker, including woodstick

Thomann GR-R Guiro Red

18.03 € Thomann GR-R Guiro,.material: plastic, colour: red, two ribbed surfaces, including 1 wood scraper and 1 plastic scraper, length: 33cm

Thomann TKP Guiro 2-Tone Block Beech

8.47 € Thomann Kids Percussion Guiro 2-Tone Block, Beech, diameter 44mm, length 250mm, incl. mallet, made in Germany, piece

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