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Afroton Shekere large

71.39 € Afroton Shekere, ACH 723, large version, diameter: 23-30 cm, pumpkin with seed-net

Afroton Shekere medium

41.14 € Afroton Shekere, ACH 722, medium version, diameter: 18-22 cm, pumpkin with seed-net

Afroton Shekere small

24.08 € Afroton Shekere, ACH 720, small version, diameter: 13-15 cm, pumpkin with seed-net

Gewa Afuche Cabasa Medium

30.25 € Gewa Afuche Cabasa, Club Salsa, Wood Version, Foam- Plastic Grip, Steelchain with Bells, Version Medium,

Gewa Afuche Cabasa Small

24.20 € Gewa Afuche Cabasa, Club Salsa, Wood Version, Foam- Plastic Grip, Steelchain with Bells, Version Smal,

LP 234-BK Cabasa

30.25 € Latin Percussion LP234-BK - mini afuche cabasa. Colour: Black

LP 234A Afuche Cabasa

45.98 € Latin Percussion LP234A - standard wood afuche cabasa. Colour: Natural

LP 234B Afuche Cabasa

61.71 € Latin Percussion LP234B Afuche Cabasa – large wooden model with metal balls.

LP 483 Pro Shekere

179.00 € Latin Percussion LP483 Pro Shekere - durable white fibreglass body wrapped with a lattice of Jenigor plastic beads. Loud, high-pitched shaker and rattle sound, thick neck, and wide mouth produce ex... Loe edasi

LP 484 Jim Greiner Shekere

183.00 € Latin Percussion LP484 Jim Greiner Shekere, durable white fibreglass body wrapped with a lattice of Jenigor plastic beads, a rubber ring surrounds the mouth of the shekere to protect it. sounds ide... Loe edasi

LP 485 Hi-Hat Shaker

183.00 € Latin Percussion LP485 Hi-Hat Shaker - mounts to any standard Hi-Hat pull rod, durable fibreglass shell has a unique flattened-sphere shape without the traditional "throat" of a gourd-style shaker.... Loe edasi

Meinl CA5BK-L Cabasa Black Large

48.40 € Meinl CA5BK-L, Cabasa large, Colour black, in Steel, Steelchain and Woodgrip, Sound "Heavy" Model, extrem loud Model with five Soundholes, lightweight, smooth Gripp,

Meinl CA7BR Cabasa

59.29 € Meinl CA7BR Cabasa, material: fiberglass, finish: brown, shape is equal to a traditional calabash,

Meinl FCA5-L Foot Cabasa Large

225.00 € Meinl FCA5-L Large Foot Cabasa - heavy bass drum pedal with steel chain and rust-free steel cylinder, wood base, black covered pedal. Optional single or double strokes (adjustable), includes drum k... Loe edasi

Meinl MC-CA Cabasa Holder

32.67 € Meinl MC-CA, Cabasa Holder, Chrome plated steel Version, strong mounting Clamp, Padded surface

Meinl PCA5BK-XS Mini Turbo Cabasa

24.08 € Meinl PCA5BK-XS Mini Turbo Cabasa, significantly more volume than normal cabasas, this comes from the five sound ports in the resonating chamber (five on each end), the Turbo Cabasa brings the clas... Loe edasi

Meinl SH-R Shekere Medium Red

124.00 € Meinl SH-R Shekere Medium, color: red, material: premium fiberglass, features: unbreakable fiberglass construction, adjustable net, furrowed surface for loud projection,

Meinl SHR-BR Shekere

90.76 € Meinl SHR-BR Shekere, material: fiberglass, finish: brown, almost unbreakable fiberglass body, adjustable pearl net, corrugated surface for loud sound,

Millenium AF200 Cabasa

27.71 € Millenium AF200 afuche cabasa - standard. diameter 10,5cm

Pearl PSK-50 FC Shekere

133.00 € Pearl PSK-50 FC Shekere Uno, Material: Fiberglass, PSK-50FC Folkloric Shekere Uno (small), Pearl's natural gourd shekeres have three distinct tones accentuated by a fiberglass gel that coats the in... Loe edasi

Sonor LCAF Cabasa Afuche

88.34 € Sonor LCAF Cabasa Afuche, with Steelballs (L2617)

Studio 49 Ca Cabasa

68.97 € Studio 49 Ca Cabasa ( 17cm )

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