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LP 212R Claves

35.09 € Latin Percussion LP212R Claves Hardwood Exotic

LP 262R Traditional Claves Exotic

19.24 € Latin Percussion LP262R, Traditional Claves - Exotic Wood, Clave and Striker are the same size (10" L x 1" W), Sharp clicking tone that can be described as moderately pitched.

LP 597 Claves Fibreglass

31.46 € Latin Percussion LP597 Claves, King Klave, Fberglas Claves, extremly loud and aggressiv, Length 20cm

LP A-165 Claves

10.89 € LP A-165 Claves, Material: Whitewood, extraordinary Sound, 1 Pair

LP Hand Held Jam Block

22.87 € Latin Percussion Hand Held Jam Block, LP560, perfect Clave Sound, easier sound creation than with traditional claves, including striker

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