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David Gage The Realist Cello

247.00 € David Gage The Realist Cello, Pickup for 4/4 cello, Piezoceramic pickup, Excellent sound quality both at pizzicato and arco by placing the pickup between the bridge foot and the top

David Gage The Realist Soundclip Cello

462.00 € David Gage The Realist Soundclip Cello, Pickup for Cello, Easy-to-install clamping cartridge, Adjustable weight, Volume control

Ehrlund Microphones EAP System XLR 48v

516.00 € Ehrlund Microphones EAP System XLR 48v, Contact Microphone / Piezo for Instrument Pickup, With high-quality preamp, Suitable for violin, guitar, double bass etc., Linear frequency response, Easy a... Loe edasi

Fishman C-100-Pickup

223.00 € Fishman C-100-Pickup, Pickup For Cello, For the bridge, Mount the jack on the string holder

Fishman C-200 Cello Pickup

247.00 € Fishman C-200 Cello Pickup, Pickup for Cello, The Piezo element integrated into the Despiau Cello bridge allows a highly precise transmission of the acoustic sound, The set contains a Barrel Jack ... Loe edasi

Gewa VC-1 Cello Pickup

93.50 € Gewa VC-1 Cello Pickup, Pickup for cello, Piezo pickup for insertion into the bridge, 6.3 mm jack, Attachment to the tailpiece with Velcro, Simple installation, no modification work on the instrum... Loe edasi

Headway The Band Cello Pickup

333.00 € Headway The Band Cello Pickup, Strap-Around Pickup For Cello, For a natural sound with great dynamics, Easy assembly without drilling or any changes to the instrument, Warm clear tone, No disturbi... Loe edasi

KNA Pickups VC-1 Cello Pickup

81.20 € KNA Pickups VC-1 Cello Pickup, Pickup for Cello, Piezo pickup for clamping onto the bridge, Slight filing of the bridge opening may be necessary, 6.3 mm Jack socket, Attachment to the tailpiece wi... Loe edasi

Myers Pickups The Grip Bass/Cello Clip Pack

49.09 € " Myers Pickups The Grip Bass/Cello Clip Pack, Fixing Set For The Grip, This clip set is designed to secure your ""The Grip"" pickup safely and easily to your double bass or cello without causing d... Loe edasi

sbip C-TA4171 Magnetic Cello PU

333.00 € sbip C-TA4171 Magnetic Cello PU, Magnetic Cello Pickup, For 4-string cello, With 6.3 mm jack socket, Includes mounting clamp for mounting on fingerboard

Schatten Design C-12 Std Passiv Cello

186.00 € Schatten Design C-12 Std Passiv Cello, Pickup For Cello, Easy and unproblematic installation and removal, Is placed on the bridge with a residue-free adhesive compound, The jack socket is suspende... Loe edasi

Schertler Dyn-C-P48 Cello Microphone

526.00 € Schertler Dyn-C-P48 Cello Microphone, Contact Microphone For Cello, Active dynamic contact microphone, For attaching on the instrument with adhesive paste, Requires phantom power (minimum 22 V DC)... Loe edasi

Schertler STAT-C

356.00 € Schertler STAT-C, Electrostatic pickup for cello, Suitable for French cello bridge models, A high dynamic range and linearity, Easy and quick assembly, Highly resistant to feedback, Made in Switze... Loe edasi

Shadow SH-SC1 Cello Pickup

49.09 € Shadow SH-SC1 Cello Pickup, Pickup, For cello, Twin Disc Transducer, Installation between the wings and the feet of the bridge, Including fixed output socket with 6.3 mm jack

Shadow SH955 NFX-C Cello Pickup

155.00 € Shadow SH955 NFX-C Cello Pickup, Professional Nanoflex Pickup For Cello@+The SH 955-NFX is a professional Nanoflex pickup for cello that produces an absolutely pure, natural sound. Due to the Shad... Loe edasi

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