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David Gage The Realist Bass Life Line XL

269.00 € David Gage The Realist Bass Life Line XL, Piezo-Ceramic Pickup, Suitable for basses with adjustable bridge, With greater opening in the clamping member for more height adjustment screws (for examp... Loe edasi

David Gage The Realist Bass Naturalist

202.00 € David Gage The Realist Bass Naturalist, Pickup, Piezoceramic, With wood element for 3/4 and 4/4 double bass, Excellent Pizzicato and Arco sound by placing the pickup between bridge foot and top

David Gage The Realist Regular Life Line

215.00 € David Gage The Realist Regular Bass Life Line, Pickup, Piezoceramic pickups for double basses with adjustable bridges, Can be mounted directly onto the height-adjustable screws without glue or oth... Loe edasi

David Gage The Realist Soundclip Bass

452.00 € David Gage The Realist Soundclip Bass, Sound clip, For double bass, Easy to mount clamp pickup with adjustable weight and volume knob

Fishman BP-100-B-Pickup

258.00 € Fishman BP-100-B-Pickup, Pickup for Double Bass, Two-piece pickup, To be clamped on the top side of the bridge, Jack can be mounted on the strings in front of the tailpiece

Fishman Full Circle 1/4-20

223.00 € Fishman Full Circle 1/4-20, Pickup, For double bass, Aluminium height adjuster wheel, Mount between bridge foot and midsection, To change the sound characteristic, just turn the entire wheel, With... Loe edasi

Fishman Full Circle 6X 1mm

269.00 € Fishman Full Circle 6X 1mm, Pickup for Double Bass, For 6x 1 mm metric thread, Pickup encapsulated in a height adjustment wheel made of solid aluminium, Mounted between bridge foot and centre sect... Loe edasi

Gewa DB-1 Double Bass Pickup

84.89 € Gewa DB-1 Double Bass Pickup, Pickup for double bass, Piezo pickup for insertion into the bridge, 6.3 mm Jack, Attachment to the tailpiece with clamping screw, Simple installation; no modification... Loe edasi

Headway The Band Double Bass Pickup

312.00 € Headway The Band Double Bass Pickup, Strap-Around Pickup for Double Bass, For a natural sound with great dynamic, Easy installation without drilling or modifications to the instrument, Warm clear ... Loe edasi

K&K Bass Master Rockabilly Plus

388.00 € K&K Bass Master Rockabilly Plus, Pickup, For double bass, Original rockabilly sound

K&K Bass Max

160.00 € K&K Bass Max, Pickup for double bass, Pickup to be mounted in the bridge, The input jack (6,3mm) is to be mounted on the strings between bridge and tailpiece

K&K Big Twin

85.99 € K&K Big Twin, Transducer, Two pickups, For double basses, cellos, bongos, congas, hand drums, guitars, harps, saz instruments, sitars, Mount the pickup on the top by with adhesive film, Mount ... Loe edasi

K&K Big Twin Internal

97.19 € K&K Big Twin Internal, Pickup, Two pickups for double bass, cello, bongos, congas, hand drums, guitar, harp, saz, sitar, etc, Mounting the pickup on the top, The internal 6.3 mm jack socket ca... Loe edasi

K&K Double Big Twin

165.00 € K&K Double Big Twin, Double bass pickup, Excellent for finger style playing, Mount the 4 transducers by using the included tape, The input jack (6,3mm) is to be mounted on the strings between ... Loe edasi

K&K Fingerboard Pickup

84.89 € K&K Fingerboard Pickup, Fingerboard pickup, To take the slap sound from the double bass in Rockabilly, The pickup is fixed under the fingerboard with double-sided adhesive tape

K&K Hot Spot

44.17 € " K&K Hot Spot, Piezo-Ceramic Pickup, For hand drums and other percussion instruments, Particularly small size, therefore especially suitable for small instruments, Linear frequency response, H... Loe edasi

KNA Pickups DB-1 Double Bass Pickup

81.20 € KNA Pickups DB-1 Double Bass Pickup, Pickup for Double Bass, Piezo pickup for clamping onto the bridge, Easy installation, No modifications of the instrument necessary, Slight filing of the bridge... Loe edasi

Krivo Pickup for Upright Bass

301.00 € Krivo Pickup for Upright Bass, Double bass pickup, Magnetic pickup with optimized microphone characteristics, Requires no additional piezo pickup to pick up the slap or other fingerboard resonance... Loe edasi

Myers Pickups Ultra Light Cable 6,0m

81.20 € Myers Pickups Ultra Light Cable 6,0m, Instrument cables, Length: Approx. 6.0 m, Angled 6.3 mm mono jack on just 6.3 mm mono jack, 75% lighter than standard instrument cables of the same length

Schertler Dyn-B-P48 Bass Microphone

526.00 € Schertler Dyn-B-P48 Bass Microphone, Contact Microphone for Double bass, Active dynamic contact microphone, Mounted to the instrument with adhesive paste, Requires phantom power (min. 22 V DC), Ou... Loe edasi

Shadow SH-SB1 Double Bass Pickup

30.63 € Shadow SH-SB1 Double Bass Pickup, Pickup, For double bass, Single disc transducer, Mount between the wings and feet of the bridge, Incl. fixed mounted output jack with 6.3 mm jack

Shadow SH-SB2 Double Bass Pickup

45.52 € Shadow SH-SB2 Double Bass Pickup, Pickup@+The sensors can be mounted either between the wing and foot or between the bridge feet and body. This choice gives the musician further potential influenc... Loe edasi

Shadow SH950 Double Bass Pickup

133.00 € Shadow SH950 Double Bass Pickup, Pickup, The world's most popular piezo for bass, 4 Sensors that provide a natural sound both while bowing or plucking, Each side has 2 opposite sensors that regist... Loe edasi

Shadow SH951 Double Bass Pickup

77.51 € Shadow SH951 Double Bass Pickup, Pickup, Single side upright bass professional bridge pickup, With large jack plug

Shadow SH965 NFX-B Double Bass PU

165.00 € Shadow SH965 NFX-B Double Bass PU, Double Bass Pickup@+Professional Nanoflex pickup for pure, natural sound, 100% buzz-free with NFX technology. Nanoflex pickups not only take the vibrations of th... Loe edasi

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