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David Gage The Realist Bass Copperhead

198.00 € David Gage The Realist Double Bass Copperhead piezo pickup with copper-element for 3/4 and 4/4 double basses - extraordinary pizzicato & arco sound achieved by placing the pickup between bridge... Loe edasi

David Gage The Realist Docking Station

93.18 € David Gage The Realist Docking Station, for double bass, universal volume attenuator for use with all acoustic bass pickups, installs to the tailpiece without fasteners, passive system, works with ... Loe edasi

David Gage The Realist Regular Life Line

208.00 € David Gage The Realist Bass Life Line, acoustic piezo transducer for double basses with adjustable bridges, for screws with max. 8mm diameter, to be mounted at the adjuster without glue or fastener... Loe edasi

David Gage The Realist Soundclip Bass

403.00 € David Gage The Realist Soundclip Bass, for string bass, removable clamp-on transducer with adjustable weight system and volume knob.

Fire & Stone DB-1 Double Bass Pickup

81.08 € Fire & Stone DB-1 Double Bass Pickup, piezo pickup, easy mounting by pushing the pickup into the notches of the bridge, 6,3mm socket to be mounted on the tailpiece with a clamping screw, no mod... Loe edasi

Fishman BP-100-B-Pickup

249.00 € Fishman BP-100-B - double bass pick-up.

Fishman Full Circle 1/4-20

220.00 € Fishman Full Circle 1/4-20, Double Bass Pickup, for UNC 1/4-20 threads, pickup with adjustable wheels. Professional installation strongly recommended !

Fishman Full Circle 6X 1mm

215.00 € Fishman Full Circle 6X 1mm - double bass pickup with adjustment wheels. Suitable for 6 x 1mm threads. Professional installation strongly recommended. (Fits the following bridges which are not inclu... Loe edasi

Headway The Band Double Bass Pickup

289.00 € Headway The Band Double Bass Pickup - strap-around pickup for double bass, for a natural sound spectrum and maximum dynamics, easy instant fitting and transferability, no modifications to the instr... Loe edasi

K&K Bass Master Rockabilly Plus

320.00 € K&K Bass Master Pro RB Rockabilly double bass pickup

K&K Bass Max

149.00 € K&K Bass Max - pick-up for double bass, pickup to be mounted in the bridge, plug socket ( 6,3 mm ) to be mounted on the strings between bridge and tailpiece. 940.385.

K&K Big Twin

82.29 € K&K Big Twin, two pickups for double bass, cello, bongos, congas, handdrum, guitar, harp, saz, baglama, sitar etc...To be mounted on the soundboard of the instrument, special tape included, 6,3... Loe edasi

K&K Double Big Twin

158.00 € K&K Double Big Twin Double Bass Pickup, excellent for fingerstyle playing, mounting of the 4 transducers by using the included tape, the input jack (6,3mm) is to be mounted on the strings betwe... Loe edasi

K&K Fingerboard Pickup

81.08 € K&K Fingerboard Pickup, ideal for capturing fingerboard sounds. Its unique size and shape allows precise placement and a preamp allows rockabilly bass players to blend in just the right amount ... Loe edasi

K&K Golden Bullet URB Mic 1/4"

144.00 € K&K Golden Bullet URB Mic System 1/4" output, condenser microphone for double bass, includes 9V battery powered preamp with 1/4" line-output.

K&K Golden Bullet URB Mic XLR

169.00 € K&K Golden Bullet URB – condenser microphone for double bass, includes 9V battery powered pream (can be powered via 12 to 48V phantom power).

K&K Golden Trinity Bass Max System

423.00 € K&K Golden Trinity Bass Max System, Golden Bullet URB Microphon, string-mounted stereo jack with additional 1/4" input for existing pickup (pre-wired to mic), integrated Bass Max wing-slot pick... Loe edasi

K&K Hot Spot

42.35 € K&K Hot Spot, piezo-pickup, ideal for the "slap"-signal of a Rockabilly-bass.

Myers Pickups Ultra Light Cable 6,0m

47.19 € Myers Pickups Ultra Light Instrument Cable 20 feet, instrument cable, mono, length ca. 20 feet, 75% lighter than the standard instrument cable with the same length, one right angle jack plug 6,3mm,... Loe edasi

Scarli SPU35 Endpin Microphone Bass

238.00 € Scarli SPU35 Endpin Microphone Bass, for double bass, the scarli microphone is already mounted inside the Ulsa endpin and sends the signal through the endpin to an external preamp. The set includes... Loe edasi

Schertler Dyn-B-P48 Bass Microphone

462.00 € Schertler Dyn-B-P48 Bass Contact Microphone for Double Bass, active dynamic Contact microphone, to be mounted on the bass with adhesive putty, needs phantom power, output impedance 4.7 Kohm @ 1 KHz... Loe edasi

Schertler STAT-B

300.00 € Schertler STAT-B- PICKUP, electrostatic transducer for doubl ebass, pickup only, high feedback resistance, impressive bri dge sound. The STAT electrostatic microphone requires 10V ph antom power. I... Loe edasi

Schertler STAT-B-Set

556.00 € Schertler STAT-B-Set - electrostatic transducer for double basses, includes cable and battery powered STAT-PRE preamp with volume control. High feedback resistance and impressive bridge sound.

Shadow SH RB-PRO Rockabilly System

215.00 € Shadow SH RB-PRO Rockabilly Pro Stereo Preamp System, complete system consisting of a bass-pickup, a slap-pickup and a preamplifier, designed to work with two pickup-signals, bridge pickup to deliv... Loe edasi

Shadow SH-SB1 Double Bass Pickup

29.41 € Shadow SH-SB1 Double Bass Pickup, Piezo pickup, single disc bass transducer, sensors mount between the wings and feet of the bridge, includes an attached 1/4" output socket

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