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Carlsson Bass Rosin

10.77 € Carlsson Bass Rosin, Bass Rosin, Copper bronze

Geipel Alaska Bass Rosin Medium

7.26 € Geipel Alaska Bass Rosin Medium, Bass Rosin, Medium, In tin foil case

Geipel Alaska Bass Rosin soft

6.53 € Geipel Alaska Bass Rosin soft, Bass rosin, Soft, In tin foil case

Gewa Old Master Traditional Bass

34.97 € Gewa Old Master Traditional Bass, Rosin, For double bass

Hidersine 6B Rosin Double Bass

9.56 € Hidersine 6B Rosin Double Bass, Double bass rosin, Dark rosin, Round, In cloth insert

Hidersine Rosin Double Bass Cold Weather

8.95 € Hidersine Rosin Double Bass Cold Weather, Double bass rosin, For cold weather

Hidersine Rosin Double Bass Med. Temp.

8.95 € Hidersine Rosin Double Bass Med. Temp., Double bass rosin, For medium temperatures

Jade Bass Solo Rosin

13.19 € Jade Solo Bass Rosin, Rosin, For double bass, In transparent plastic sleeve, With fabric inserts

Kolstein Bass Rosin All Weather

22.87 € Kolstein Bass Rosin All Weather, Rosin, For double bass, Weather resistant, Medium

Kolstein Bass Rosin Hard

22.87 € Kolstein Bass Rosin Hard, Rosin, For double bass, Hard

Kolstein Bass Rosin Soft

22.87 € Kolstein Bass Rosin Soft, Rosin, For double bass, Soft

Lapella No.31 Single Cleaning Wipe

1.53 € Lapella No.31 Single Cleaning Wipe, Cleaning Cloth, For fingerboard and strings, For the gentle cleaning and care of the fingerboard and the strings of classical stringed instruments, 100% natural... Loe edasi

Liebenzeller Metal Rosin Gold Double Bass

29.04 € Liebenzeller Metal Rosin Gold Double Bass, Rosin for Double Bass, Hardness grade: VI H, Particularly well-balanced, For a round, full, warm tone, Honey additive

Melos Bass Rosin Dark

19.24 € Melos Bass Rosin Dark, Bass Rosin, Dark

Millant-Deroux Bass Solo Rosin

11.98 € Millant-Deroux Bass Solo Rosin, Bass Solo Rosin, Dark

Petz Bass Rosin No.2 Soft

9.92 € Petz Bass Rosin No.2 Soft, Rosin, Bass soloist, Strength: Soft, In plastic box

Petz Bass Rosin No.3 Medium

9.92 € Petz Bass Rosin No.3 Medium, Rosin, Bass soloist, Strength: Medium, In plastic box

Petz Bass Rosin No.4 Hard

9.92 € Petz Bass Rosin No.4 Hard, Rosin, Bass soloist, Strength: Hard, In plastic box

Petz Premium Rosin Extra Soft

16.82 € Petz Premium Rosin Extra Soft, Premium Rosin, For double bass, Extra soft rosin, In plastic box, Low dust, Perfect adhesive power, Weight: 30 g

Pirastro Double Bass Rosin Medium

16.82 € Pirastro Double Bass Rosin Medium, Rosin, Version: Bass medium, 902200

Pirastro String Oil

21.66 € Pirastro String Oil, String Oil, For the care of bowel strings, 50 ml, No .: 912900

Pops Bass Rosin

22.87 € Pops Bass Rosin, Bass Rosin, Soft, Light rosin for double bass in red plastic box

Thomann Bass Rosin Medium

5.97 € Thomann Bass Rosin Medium, Colophon For Double Bass, Medium, Made in Germany

Thomastik 205 Rosin Bass Medium

14.52 € Thomastik 205 Rosin Bass Medium, Thomastik Rosin Special, For bass, Round, Medium

Thomastik 205 Rosin Bass Soft

14.52 € Thomastik 205 Rosin Bass Soft, Thomastik Rosin Special, For bass, Round, Soft

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