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Alfred Music Publishing - Hobbit Trilogy T-Sax

Alfred Music Publishing - Hobbit Trilogy T-Sax
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Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, The Hobbit T-Sax, The Motion Picture Trilogy-Instrumental Solos: Songbook for Tenor Saxophone, From the Content: My Dear Frodo, Old Friends, Axe or Sword?, The Adventure Begins, Warg-scouts, A Good Omen, Song of the Lonely Mountain, Dreaming of Bag End, A Very Respectable Hobbit, Erebor, The Dwarf Lords, Beorn, The Woodland Realm, Feast of Starlight, Bard and Family, Lake-town, Girion and Bard, House of Durin, Smaug, I See Fire, Beyond the Forest, The Gathering of the Clouds, Mithril, Sons of Durin, The Return Journey, The Last Goodbye, Ironfoot. With Play Along MP3 CD and Piano accompaniment on PDF. Intermediate level. ISBN: 978-1-4706-3458-9, 43 Seiten

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