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Dreipunkt - Blockflötenschule

Dreipunkt - Blockflötenschule
Hind: 9.56  
Tootekood: 442527
Tarneaeg: 1-3 nädalat (Eeldatav saabumine 01.07 - 05.07.19)
Kogus: Ostukorvi »

Dreipunkt Blockflötenschule, Recorder school, construction, handling and fingering of the recorder, With a well thought-out fingering pattern the first scale will soon'sit'. In addition to tips on how to play in the new instrument, there are notes on care and sound generation. All 24 tones are listed on the back with a fingering scheme that a recorder can produce (depending on the model), printed on both sides, DIN A4, 2 x 250 mic thick lamination, high-quality 4c offset printing, waterproof, writable with wipeable overhead pen (not included in delivery), ISBN 9783864482861, In German language, Contents: Structure of the recorder, The first scale, Recording of the new instrument, Care of the recorder, Sound production (How does the sound come into being), Small notation, All notes of the recorder (c, cis/des, d, dis/es, e, eis/f, fis/ges, g, gis/as, a, h, c, cis, des, d, dis/es, e, e, eis/f, fis/ges, g, gis/as, a, ais/b, h, c

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