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365.00 € DAP-Audio CORE CDMP-750, table top CD player with USB slot, compatible discs: CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3, anti-shock buffer: 15 seconds, USB files: MP3 (max. 8 levels, 999 files), master tempo, seamless loo... Loe edasi

Denon Professional DN-300Z MK II

435.00 € Denon DN-300Z MK II, CD/SD/USB/BT Player with AM/FM Tuner, Plays audio from USB thumb and HDDs, SD/SDHC cards, Super-fast loading slot-in CD mechanism, Wireless audio playback from devices via Blue... Loe edasi

Denon Professional DN-500 CB

317.00 € Denon DN-500 CB, 1U CD / USB 19" 1 U Mediaplayer, plays CD, MP3, WAV and AAC files, wireless streaming of up to 8 devices via Bluetooth 3.0, high-resolution professional slot-in CD drive, Random, R... Loe edasi

Omnitronic XMT-1400 MK2

328.00 € Omnitronic XMT1400 MK2; tabletop CD/MP3 player, playback from USB (max. 128GB), SD(HC), CD (audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-CD); multicolor LCD display; pitch control +-16%; reverse mode; anti-shock; do... Loe edasi

Sirus MP1

253.00 € Sirus MP1 - Media Player; CD and USB Player with AntiShock, Speed Control +/- 20%; switchable Auto Play; file format USB: MP3 und WMA; file format CD: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-Disk; USB size: Storage m... Loe edasi

Tascam CD-200

295.00 € Tascam CD-200 CD/mp3 Player - plays audio CDs, mp3 CDs and WAV file CDs, CD text and ID3 tag support, selectable play mode (continue, random and program, repeat all and repeat single), index search... Loe edasi

Tascam CD-200 SB

528.00 € Tascam CD-200 SB, Solid-State/CD Player, WAV, MP3, MP2, WMA and AAC File Playback from SD/SDHC and USB Memory, WAV, MP3 and MP2 Playback from CD-R and CD-RW, Audio-CD Playback, Direct Access Keys f... Loe edasi

Tascam CD-200BT

415.00 € Tascam CD-200BT, CD-Player with Bluetooth receiver, Playback: Audio-CD, MP3/MP2- and WAV-Files on CD, Internet radio or network file playback via a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or compute... Loe edasi

Tascam CD-400U DAB

590.00 € Tascam CD-400U DAB; CD/SD/USB-Player with Tuner and Bluetooth Receiver; playback options: Audio CD, MP3 and WMA file playback from CD, Audio file playback from SD and USB memory (MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA... Loe edasi

Tascam CD-6010

1110.00 € Tascam CD-6010, CD Player, Highly reliable tray CD player for broadcast, installation or touring applications, Audio CD-R/RW, MP3 (192 KBit/s) and WAV playback, Flash start capability for up to 20 ... Loe edasi

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