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9.solutions 1/4"-20 Thread-on QM Receiver

8.23 € 9.solutions 9.XA10075 1/4"-20 Thread-on QM Receiver, Connection(s): 1x Quick Mount Receiver, 1x 1/4"-20 Male Thread, Weight: 19 g

9.solutions 3/8" Finger & connecting nut

17.55 € 9.solutions 9.VBROD4 3/8" Finger and connecting nut, contains 6x 3/8" nut and 2x 3/8" nut 29 mm, suitable for 9.solutions 3/8" Rod Set

9.solutions 3/8"-16 Thread-on QM Receiver

8.23 € 9.solutions 9.XA1016 3/8"-16 Thread-on QM Receiver, Connection(s): 1x Quick Mount Receiver, 1x 3/8"-16 Female Thread, Weight: 19 g

9.solutions Action Camera L-bracket

18.76 € 9.solutions 9.XA1017 Action Camera L-bracket. The Action Camera L-bracket makes a great companion to GoPro cameras. It can be used in a variety of different configurations to accommodate 90 degree ... Loe edasi

9.solutions Cold Shoe Clamp

10.77 € 9.solutions Cold Shoe Clamp, clamp for cold shoe mounting, suitable for 18, 20 and 22 mm flash shoes, hand screw for opening and tightening the retaining mechanism, 1/4 "and 3/8" -16 threaded bushi... Loe edasi

9.solutions GoPro Kit

32.67 € 9.solutions 9.KT001 GoPro Kit, including: 1x Quick Mount for GoPro Camera, 1x Quick Mount Receiver to Handle Bar and 1x GoPro Multi-tool

9.solutions GoPro Multi-Tool

5.10 € 9.solutions 9.XA1009 GoPro Multi-Tool, The Multi-tool for GoPro is a handy tool that can be used as a wrench on GoPro thumb screws and as an allen key for 3/16" allen screws; the size used in 9.Sol... Loe edasi

9.solutions GoPro Thump Screws (Set of 2)

19.36 € 9.solutions GoPro Thump Screws (set of 2), sturdy screws with aluminum handle, suitable replacement for original GoPro screws, color: green, set of two screws, weight: 20 g each

9.solutions QM Receiver Adhesive Plate

12.71 € 9.solutions 9.XA1018 Quick Mount Receiver to Adhesive Plate, Connection(s): 1x Quick Mount Receiver (i.e. for GoPro mount), 1x Adhesive Plate, Weight: 23 g, replacement adhesive pads: #428242

9.solutions QM Receiver to 3/8" Rod

21.66 € 9.solutions 9.XM1010 Quick Mount Receiver to 3/8" (10 mm) Rod, Connection(s): 2x Quick Mount Receiver, 1x 3/8" Male Thread, Weight: 55 g

9.solutions Quick mount for GoPro Camera

15.13 € 9.solutions 9.XA10073 Quick mount for GoPro Camera, The Quick Mount for GoPro Camera allows you to use the most popular action camera on the market with 9.Solutions' wide array of mounting and rigg... Loe edasi

9.solutions Quick mount for large Camera

16.34 € 9.solutions 9.XA10072 Quick mount for large camera, The Quick Mount for large camera has a 1/4"-20 male screw that is used to mount larger cameras to a Quick Mount Receiver. Fastening the connector... Loe edasi

9.solutions Snap-in socket

22.99 € 9.solutions 9.VB5093 Snap-in socket, Max Load: 20 kg, Connection(s): 3/8" tapped hole, 3/8" light spigot or 5/8" stud (16mm), Weight: 125 g

9.solutions Tilt Stud Adaptor

42.35 € 9.solutions Tilt Stud Adapter, infinitely adjustable tilt adapter, mount: 1x 5/8 "-16 mm mount on 1x 5/8" 16mm pin, Max. Load capacity: 35 kg, weight: 445 g

Adam Hall SLS 36 TV 28 Adapter 28mm

22.99 € Adam Hall Stands SLS 36 TV 28 - Adapter 28mm (TV Spigot) to 35 mm. The adapter is ideally suited to position speakers, for example, on elevating tripods with TV28. Colour: silver, Material: steel, ... Loe edasi

Adam Hall SS 017 Double ended Spigot

7.87 € Adam Hall SS 017 - Double-ended Spigot for Adam Hall SCP710B Super Clamp #422284, One side 3/8'' thread for microphone c lamps, other side 1/4'' thread for cameras.

Adam Hall SS 018 Bolt M10 for Uni-Clamp

7.87 € Adam Hall SS 018 - Bolt M10 for SCP710B Universal Hook Clamp, 16 mm stud M10 for universal clamp (165783)

ADJ FS Pan Glide

18.15 € ADJ FS Pan Glide; is attached to a tripod with a 35 mm diameter and allows the follow spot to slide back and forth. Specifications: Top Mounting Screw With Thread Size: M10; Opening depth below: 39... Loe edasi

Avenger C1000 D.Ceiling Scissor Clamp

14.40 € Avenger C1000 Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp; Special adapter to mount small or medium light fixtures from a drop ceiling frame; 5/8'' stud; Stable even on rough ground; Weight: 0.08 kg

Avenger E200 Stand Adapter

26.26 € Avenger E200 Stand Adapter; adapts a 28 mm (1 1/8 ") spigot to a 16 mm (5/8") spigot; Ideal for junior light stands, clamps and junior roller bases; recommended for: Combo Stands (A1020B, A1020CS, ... Loe edasi

Avenger E250 5/8" Baby Pin

7.14 € Avenger E250 5/8 "Baby Pin; 16 mm (5/8") Double Spigot; without thread; Total length: 12.5 cm; Material: galvanized steel; Weight: 0.15 kg

Avenger E300 5/8" Stud with 1/4"

8.35 € Avenger E300 5/8" Stud with 1/4" Thread; 16 mm (5/8") TV stud with 1/4" female thread; Material: aluminum

Avenger E600 Snap In Pin

6.66 € Avenger E600 Snap In Pin; 16 mm (5/8") Stud with hexagonal; For connecting Grip Heads with a Super Clamp; Material: aluminium

Avenger E600C Snap In Pin

7.14 € Avenger E600C Snap In Pin; 5/8" Stud hexagonal; 16 mm (5/8") stud with hexagon; For connecting Grip Heads with a Super Clamp; material: steel

Avenger E610 Baby Pin

18.03 € Avenger E610 Baby Pin; 16 mm (5/8") adapter with wood screw; for direct mounting on wood surfaces

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