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Visual productions - Cuelux Lighting Software

Visual productions - Cuelux Lighting Software
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Tarneaeg: 1-3 nädalat (eeldatav saabumine 02.11-06.11.2020)
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Visual productions Cuelux Software Lighting Control for PC & Mac – suitable for moving heads, dimmers and other generics. The cuelist system in Cuelux, used for programming light sequences, is comparable to the systems used on larger lighting consoles such as Wholehog, Compulite, GrandMa, etc. It features separate delay, fade in & fade out timing and comes with a shape generator and programmer window. Cuelux offers plug-and-play support of MIDI control surfaces to provide you with low-cost 'hands-on' fader control. For example the Behringer BCF-2000 is fully supported including feedback to the motorized faders. Cuelux comes with a rigger’s remote application that runs on your iPhone and other mobile devices with a modern Internet browser. This cool web-application currently offers two features: a patch list and a playback button page. The patch list in the rigger’s remote displays - in real-time - all fixtures in the Cuelux patch and their settings like mode and starting address. The address is shown in decimal and dipswitch manner. The patch list feature allows the Cuelux operator to go on stage and conveniently set the address on each fixture having all the information shown on his iPhone. The rigger’s remote also features a playback button page that can trigger cuelists. Includes USB to DMX512-A interface. Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP & Vista.

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