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224.00 € " ADJ MyDMX 3.0, DMX Hardware and Software Controller for Windows and OS X, 512 DMX-Channels, Extensive fixture-profile library, SSL2 Profile editor and support, Drag and drop effects generator, Pl... Loe edasi

ADJ mydmx GO

224.00 € ADJ mydmx GO, Light Control, With app for DMX lighting control for iPad or Android-Tablet, 256 DMX channels, Compatible with Ableton-Live, DMX via WLAN and USB, Library of more than 15,000 lightin... Loe edasi


231.00 € " ADJ myDMX-RM, DMX Control Software / Hardware System, Compatible with Windows and OSX Mac, Serves as a hardware dongle in a 19-inch housing and enables the software in express mode (no 3D visuali... Loe edasi

Cameo DVC Cue

438.00 € " Cameo DVC Cue, Programmable 1024-channel DMX Interface With Illuminated Control Panel, 2 x DMX512 universes in live mode (computer / tablet) and standalone mode, Expandable from two to four DMX51... Loe edasi

Cameo DVC D5

334.00 € " Cameo DVC D5, USB to DMX Interface, 512 DMX channels in live mode, 256 DMX channels in standalone mode (expandable to 512 DMX channels), Cameo DMX software ""by Daslight"" for Windows 10&11 a... Loe edasi

Cameo DVC Pro

415.00 € " Cameo DVC Pro, 1024-Channel USB to DMX interface, With WiFi access and control software, USB interface with 1024 DMX channels in live mode (expandable via ArtNet), Integrated flash memory for 256... Loe edasi

Daslight DVC Fun

206.00 € Daslight DVC Fun, DMX interface, Channels: 128, Can be extended to up to 512 channels for a fee, Compatible with Daslight 4 & Daslight 5 (beta version available soon), Mode: limited, Connector... Loe edasi

Daslight DVC Gold

495.00 € Daslight DVC Gold, DMX Interface With 1024 Channels, Expandable up to 2048 channels for an additional fee, Channels: 1024, expandable to 2048, DMX input or output, Ethernet, Connectors: USB type C... Loe edasi

Daslight DVC GZM

752.00 € Daslight DVC GZM, Interface, DMX interface with 1536 channels, Expandable up to 2048 channels in return for a fee, Channels: 1536, expandable to 2048, DMX input or output, Ethernet, Connectors: US... Loe edasi

Daslight Light Rider Wifi DMX Interface

286.00 € Daslight Light Rider Wifi DMX Interface, USB/WIFI DMX Interface, Tablet-based DMX control, Light Rider App with lifetime license included, 512 Channels live + 128 channels STAND ALONE, DMX output:... Loe edasi

ETC ETCnomad Base Kit

682.00 € ETC ETCnomad Base Kit, USB Dongle, To activate 1024 channels (EOS v.2.9 or higher) / 512 channels (EOS 2.8.3 or lower), Compatible with Windows 7 or higher and Macintosh OS 10.14 (Mojave) or later... Loe edasi

Eurolite freeDMX AP Wi-Fi Interface

202.00 € Eurolite freeDMX AP Wi-Fi Interface, Wireless DMX Interface for Wireless Lighting Control, Receives control signals over the network and transfers it to the DMX chain, Configuration via integrated... Loe edasi

SoundSwitch Control One

301.00 € SoundSwitch Control One, Hardware-Controller for SoundSwitch Software, Plug-and-play with Engine DJ hardware (Engine Lighting), Automatic lightshows synchronised with beat grids, Internal memory f... Loe edasi

SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface

56.59 € SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface, Interface for SoundSwitch Software, Compatible with Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, Engine Prime and Ableton LINK, Connects DMX-enabled devices directly to the Computer via... Loe edasi

Stairville DMX Joker V2 512 SLIM

176.00 € Stairville DMX Joker V2 512 SLIM, DMX Joker Interface, Ideal solution for all indoor installations and projects, 512 DMX channels, Easy installation on the wall and any surface, All connections ar... Loe edasi

Stairville DMX Joker V2 512 TOUCH

258.00 € Stairville DMX Joker V2 512 TOUCH, DMX Joker Interface, Intuitive, touch-sensitive multifunctional interface, Suitable for all your fixed indoor installations, Up to 200 scene memories with the gl... Loe edasi

Sunlite BC Basic Class Interface 256Ch

241.00 € Sunlite BC Basic Class Interface 256Ch, DMX Interface for 256 Channels, Can be expanded to 512 channels, 128 Channels in stand-alone mode, Works with Sunlite Suite 2 and Sunlite Suite 3 software (... Loe edasi

Sunlite EC Economy Class Interface

495.00 € Sunlite EC Economy Class Interface, DMX interface for Sunlite Suite 3 software, With 1024 DMX channels and Sunlite Suite 3 EXPRESS as delivered, the interface can be upgraded to 2048 channels or w... Loe edasi

Sunlite FC First Class Interface

783.00 € Sunlite FC First Class Interface, DMX Interface for Sunlite Suite 3 Software, With 1536 DMX channels -- the interface can be upgraded to 2048 channels, Full software version allows the use of all ... Loe edasi

Sunlite RC Rack Class Interface

1568.00 € " Sunlite RC Rack Class Interface, DMX Interface For Sunlite Suite 3 Software, With 3072 DMX channels as delivered, the interface can be expanded to 4096 channels, Full software mode allows the use... Loe edasi

Visual Productions CueCore3

1860.00 € Visual productions CueCore3, Architectural Lighting Control, Functions: Solid state lighting control, DMX/ArtNet/sACN recorder, DMX splitter, protocol converter, hybrid lighting control software C... Loe edasi

Visual Productions Cuelux 2

388.00 € Visual productions Cuelux 27, Light mixer interface, For Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, Hybrid control software with a range of functions otherwise only known from large consoles, Extensive library ... Loe edasi

Visual Productions LPU-1 Cuety iPad Control

290.00 € Visual productions LPU-1 Cuety iPad Control, DMX Software with Interface, Affordable and user friendly software for iPad or iPhone (device not included), The app can be installed free of charge fr... Loe edasi

Visual Productions LPU-2 Cuety

485.00 € " Visual productions LPU-2 Cuety, DMX Interface and Software, The DMX interface can be connected and controlled with the Cuety app (iPad / Android) via Ethernet / W-Fi with a tablet, LPU-2 can be r... Loe edasi

Visual productions QuadCore

1233.00 € Visual Productions QuadCore, Solid State Lighting Control & Hybrid Lighting Control Software, 2048 DMX channels, Output of DMX data in conjunction with the CueluxPro lighting control software,... Loe edasi

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