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ADJ UC3 Basic Controller

21.78 € ADJ UC3 Basic Controller - easy-to-use 3-switch controller for various ADJ fixtures. Mode Selection (e.g. fast/slow, audio/manual/auto, position, latch etc), function selection (implements a wide v... Loe edasi

Botex R-4 Fußschalter

32.67 € Botex R-4 Controller. The externel controller can handle with the following modes: Full on, Standby, Manual Step, Programm running, incl. Cable (6m), for Botex DM 16 Mingle desk

Botex Strobe Controller 1 Kanal

35.09 € Botex Strobe Controller, 1 channel, 0-10V control, without signal-cable, Signal-cable 10m: 181236

Eurolite DMX LED Operator 4

102.00 € Eurolite DMX LED Operator 4, DMX LED Operator 4. Compact DMX controller for easy application. 50 control channels only suitable for matching LED effects, 4 LED parcans can be controlled individuall... Loe edasi

Eurolite DMX LED Operator IR2DMX

54.45 € Eurolite, DMX LED Operator IR2DMS. Infrared LED DMX controller, DMX controller for LED devices with infrared receiver, Suitable for matching EUROLITE IR remote (246279 optional accessory, required ... Loe edasi

Eurolite DMX LED Operator IR2DMX Bundle

68.97 € Eurolite DMX LED Operator IR2DMX Bundle containing EUROLITE DMX LED OPERATOR IR2DMX (order code 296553), EUROLITE IR REMOTE FOR LED OUTDOOR (order code 246279)

Fun Generation IR Remote

8.35 € Fun Generation IR Remote. Infrarot Remote suitable for Pico Spot, ClubFX-1, PicoSpot 20 LED, PicoWash 40, PicoBeam 30

Futurelight Easy-4

28.44 € FUTURELIGHT Easy-4 remote control, Simple remote control, Suitable for FUTURELIGHT DJ-LED CY-100, FUTURELIGHT DJ-LED Scan 100, FUTURELIGHT DJ-LED CF-100, For controlling the blackout in Stand Alone... Loe edasi

Showtec DJ Switch 6

52.03 € Showtec DJ Switch 6, DJ Switch 6. 6 channel switchboard. power plug outlets on backside 10 A per channel. 15 A total load. Fuses on frontpanel. Specifications: Dimensions: 482 x 135 x 80 mm (LxWxH)... Loe edasi

Showtec Lite 4 Controller DMX 512

123.00 € Showtec Lite 4 Controller DMX 512 Controller. 4 channel DMX dimmer chase controller with pre-set built-in programs and 1 user programmable program. Dimmable pro channel. Output DMX 512. Specificati... Loe edasi

Stairville DDC-12 DMX Controller

71.39 € Stairville DDC-12 - 12 individual channel faders & one master fader. 12 DMX channels. Compact design & simple operation., Power input: DC 9V 100mA. DMX Output: 3 pin female XLR DMX connecto... Loe edasi

Stairville FFC-1 DMX Foot Fog Controller

22.99 € Stairville FFC-1 DMX Fog Foot Controller, Footswitch for DMX Fog machines. The long-awaited solution for musicians,, Entertainers, DJs, and everyone else who wants to operate an DMX Fog machine sim... Loe edasi

Stairville Pocket-Master I

16.82 € Stairville Pocket-Master I. The Pocket-Master easy Controller in Master / Slave mode with 3 different funktions for the best operation. 1. Stand by: To blackout the unit. 2. Strobe / Next/ Moving: ... Loe edasi

Stairville Strobe-Master I

71.39 € Stairville Strobe Master I DMX - 4x analog outputs and 1x DMX output. Analog control enables user to control analog and DMX strobes simultaneoulsy. Features: blackout, single flash, full-on, chase,... Loe edasi

Varytec 8-F Switch Panel

71.39 € Varytec Switch Panel - 8 channels, rear outlets, fuses on front panel. Dimensions: 19"/2U, Dimensions: 485 x 137 x 96 mm, weight: 2.8 kg

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