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ADJ MDF2 Corner Ramp

6.66 € ADJ MDF2 Corner Ramp

ADJ MDF2 Edge Ramp

32.67 € ADJ MDF2 Edge Ramp

ADJ MDF2 Floor Connection Bracket

6.66 € ADJ MDF2 Floor Connection Bracket; Floor Connection Bracket to interconnect panels and ramps/corners; The number of Fllor connection brackets you'll need is calculated by mulitplying the number of ... Loe edasi

ADJ MDF2 Magnetic Dance Floor Pan.

275.00 € ADJ MDF2 Magnetic Dance Floor Panel; mobile LED dance floor solution; satined surface made of tempered glass; max load 300 kg / m²; Specifications: RGB 3-in-1 LEDs; Average LED lifespan: 50000 hou... Loe edasi


25.41 € ADJ MDF2 MPC 6m to PSU; Main Power extension cable (from PSU to MDF2 system); Length: 6m;

ADJ MDF2 Power Ramp

41.14 € ADJ MDF2 Power Ramp; Power & Data signal ramp for MDF2 Dance Floor System;

ADJ MDF2 PSU 15 Panels

286.00 € ADJ MDF2 PSU 15 Panels; Power Supply for MD2 Dance Floor System; Allows to power up to 15 panels through 2x 24V-outputs;

Ignition Magic Cube 3D

253.00 € Ignition Magic Cube 3D, LED panel with 3D effect and segment control, the novel arrangement of the selectively controllable surfaces creates the illusion of a magical 3D cube, Flexible mounting pos... Loe edasi

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