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Cameo EKS 20m Laser Emergency Stop

66.55 € Cameo Laser Emergency Stop, The EKS 20 M is a key controlled push-to-stop and twist-to-release master switch that connects to a laser lights' remote interlock input. The unit features a highly visi... Loe edasi


59.29 € Cameo EKS XLR, Key-operated emergency stop switch, large button with twist-lock release, anti-tamper key lock, 3-pin XLR female interlock connector, shock resistant yellow-black plastic housing, me... Loe edasi

Laserworld DMX Adapter ILDA - XLR

42.35 € Laserworld DMX Adapter ILDA - XLR, The DMX adapter adds a DMX 512 in and out connector to the USB interfaces of Showeditor and Phoenix. Allows you to control not just laser, but also your light and... Loe edasi

Laserworld GS Extension Cable 5m

20.45 € Laserworld GS Extension Cable 5 m, extension cable for Laser world Garden Star series with a length of approx. 5 m, suita ble for GS-400RGB-W Pro

Laserworld ILDA Extension Cable 0,5m

10.89 € Laserworld ILDA PRO Extension Cable 0,5m, ILDA signal cable 0,5m. with DB25 connectors Male/Female

Laserworld ILDA Extension Cable 10m

41.14 € Laserworld ILDA PRO Signal Extension Cable - DB25 connectors (male/female). Length: 10m

Laserworld Interlock Adapter

22.99 € Laserworld Interlock Adapter, Adapter for integrating an interlock switch is plugged between the ILDA control unit and the laser, safety switch can be connected via 9-pin D-SUB, input: ILDA connect... Loe edasi

Laserworld PRO-CASE Deluxe

212.00 € Laserworld PRO-CASE Deluxe suitable for: 2 x SwissLas Pure Micro Series projectors or, 2 x Laserworld Diode Series projectors or, 1 x Laserworld Club Series projector or, 1 x Laserworld Pro Series ... Loe edasi

Laserworld RTI Safety Adapter SUB-D RJ45

152.00 € Laserworld RTI Safety Adapter SUB-D RJ45, RTI Safety Adapter SUB-D to RJ45 for tarm and RTI devices

Laserworld Safety Unit

115.00 € Laserworld "Not Aus" Safety Unit, this emergency stop unit has an RJ45 interlock interface, suitable for the latest laser series;, Thanks to the adapter supplied, it is also compatible with older s... Loe edasi

Laserworld Safety Unit Thomann Edition

108.00 € Laserworld "Not Aus" Safety Unit Thomann Edition, this emergency stop unit has an RJ45 interlock interface, suitable for the latest laser series; Thanks to the adapter supplied, it is also compatib... Loe edasi

Showtec Laser Remote Interlock

30.25 € Showtec Laser Remote Interlock with 10m Cable length

Stairville DJ Lase IR Remote Control

9.20 € Stairville DJ Lase IR Remote Control, Infrared remote control for DJ Lase MKIII series, Pico Lase and DJ Lase 400-B, Battery: 1x CR2025 / 3 V (inclusive)

Stairville ILDA Extension Cable 3m

13.31 € Stairville ILDA PRO Extension Cable 3m, ILDA signal cable 3m. with DB25 connectors Male/Female

Stairville ILDA Extension Cable 5m

19.36 € Stairville ILDA PRO Extension Cable 5m, ILDA signal cable 5m. with DB25 connectors Male/Female

Varytec Emergency Kill Switch

29.04 € Varytec Emergency Kill Switch, 1x emergency switch for Laser without interlock and other devices, 1.4 m input cable + 5.8 m output cable, 1.5mm² cable, max. 6 A

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