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Gaffgun The GaffGun Bundle

329.00 € Gaffgun The GaffGun Bundle, easy for tape on cables with fabric tape through a Funnel System on the floor, Includes: Cable Guide S / M / L, handle, extendable, 3x Tape Adapters, Floor guide complet... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik DN9680-MM

293.00 € Klark Teknik DN9680-MM, Multi-Mode Optical Fibre Module for DN9680 with 500 Metre Range, The DN9680-MM multi-mode optical fibre transceiver module kit is a retrofit replacement to convert two KLARK... Loe edasi

Soundboks Backpack

152.00 € Soundboks Backpack; fit all generations of Soundboks speakers; ergonomic comfortable design; easy to use and safe attachment of the speaker; made of stainless steel, nylon straps and foam pads; dim... Loe edasi

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