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Flyht Pro L-Rack 10U/10U Profi SF

208.00 € Flyht Pro L-Rack 10U/10U Profi Service Flap; 10U L-rack Profi with service flap; material: black coated 10 mm multiplex; split lid for front and top; 4x butterfly fastener; 4x folding handle; 8x ba... Loe edasi

Flyht Pro L-Rack 10U/10U Service Flap

177.00 € Flyht Pro L-Rack 10U/10U Service Flap;10U angle rack with service flap;Material: black coated 6 mm MDF;split lid for front and top;4x butterfly fastener;2x folding handle;8x ball corner;completely ... Loe edasi

Thon L-Rack 10U 45 Service Hatch RA

270.00 € Thon 10U Angle Rack - service flap and adjustable 19" top mounted mixer mount, 45cm deep with divided top, plywood construction, butterfly latches, 2x handles.Dimensions 555 x 565 x 580 mm, Weight ... Loe edasi

Thon L-Rack 10U Eco

162.00 € Thon 10U 'L' rack - 7mm birch plywood angled rack for live use (units can be assembled from the front or top), separate lid, 43cm deep, weight: 12.2 kg Made in Germany

Thon L-Rack 10U Economy RA

167.00 € Thon 10U Eco Angled Rack with Adjustable 19" Mixer-Mounting rails on Top - Internal depth 43cm for mixer to be installed, 7mm birch multi-ply, 4 catches, 2 handles. 4 rubber feet, small steel corne... Loe edasi

Thon L-Rack 10U Service Hatch

242.00 € Thon 10U angle rack - 45cm deep with divided top and service cover, manufactured from multiplex wood, butterfly latches, 2 handles. Dimensions: 19" x 10U, weight: 15,2 kg.Made in Germany

Thon Triple Door Live Rack 10U 45

281.00 € Thon 10U triple door live rack case - removable front, top and back lids, manufactured from 7mm birch plywood, 25 x 25mm aluminium variable rack strip, 4x handles, 6x butterfly latches. 45cm deep. ... Loe edasi

Thon Triple Door Live Rack10U 45 RA

293.00 € Thon Triple Door Live Rack 10U incl. 19" mixermount, cover f ront, top and back, variable rack strip, 7mm Birch plywood, 25 x 25mm alu, 4x handles, 6x butterflys, deep: 45cm, size: (BxHxT) 55 x 58 ... Loe edasi

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