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Boschma Cases 6 U-HE Case

137.00 € Boschma Cases 6 U-HE Case, Rack 19" 6U, Shock absorbing rubber feet, Integrated Handle, dimensions 535 x 620 x375mm, rail to back 385mm, depth of the covers (inside) 65mm, including screws (M6), we... Loe edasi

Flyht Pro Rack 6U Double Door

120.00 € Flyht Pro Rack 6U Double Door. Specifications: Colour: Black, IP classification: IP20, Height: 6 HE, Dimensions (L/B/H): 515 x 518 x 286 mm, Weight: 12,00 kg, Case type: Doubledoor, Rubber feet: Ye... Loe edasi

Flyht Pro Rack 6U Double Door Profi

142.00 € Flyht Pro Rack 6U Double Door Profi. Specifications: Colour: Black, IP classification: IP20, Height: 6 HE, Dimensions (L/B/H): 531 x 523 x 292 mm, Weight: 13,00 kg, Case type: Doubledoor, Rubber fe... Loe edasi

Gator G-PRO 6U Black

242.00 € Gator G-PRO 6U Black - 19" 6 U Rack, Roto Molded Polyethylene Design, Front and Rear Lids, ergonomic side carry handles, Recessed steel twist latches, Made in the USA, Made from recycled materials,... Loe edasi

Gator G-ProR 6U 19"

339.00 € Gator G-ProR 6U 19", 6U Roto Molded Polyethylene Design case with integrated Trolly, 19" Rackable Depth, ergonomic side carry handles, Made in the USA, Made from recycled material, front and rear r... Loe edasi

Gator GR-6L

126.00 € Gator GR-6L - front and rear rack mounts, heavy-duty butterfly latches, lightweight polyethylene construction. Dimensions: 343 x 558 x 569mm (19"/6U). Internal depth: 477mm. Weight: 6.4kg, Optional... Loe edasi

Gator GR-6S

120.00 € Gator GR-6S - 19"/6U rack mounts (front and back), 368mm internal depth, heavy duty butterfly catches, lightweight polyethylene construction. Dimensions 445 x 546 x 330 mm, Interior 311 x 483 x 267... Loe edasi

Gator GRR-6L

152.00 € Gator GRR-6L - plastic 6U double door case with front & rear rack rails, rugged pull-out handle, locking lids, recessed side handles. Exterior dimensions: 598 x 565 x 400mm. Depth: 42.5cm (rack... Loe edasi

Millenium Rack Bag 6

58.08 € Millenium Rack Bag 6 - front & back zip opening lids, 41cm deep, large accessory pocket. Includes rack screws. Dimensions: 19" x 6U, weight ca. 5,3Kg

Rockbag Rackbag 24600 B

120.00 € Rockbag Rackbag 24600 B, 19" Gigbag 6HE, Lid with ZipFront and back, Deep: 35 mm/1,38" till rack strip, 440 mm/17,3" deep, total deep 475 mm/18,7"

SKB 19 REX 6

493.00 € SKB 19 REX 6, Expander Case for SKP 19 R 1406 mighty Gig Rig, plastic rack with Butterflies, 6 units depth, 12 U high, with wheels, Exterior dimensions: 820 x 610 x 451 mm, Weight: 17,4 kg, colour:... Loe edasi

SKB R1906

388.00 € SKB-R1906, Roto Molded Rack Expansion Case (with wheels),Fits under R102, R104, R106, R1208, R1006 and R1010 cases,Roto molded for strength, 6U rack with front AND rear rails, Durable 5 inch wheels... Loe edasi

SKB R6U Roto Rack

212.00 € SKB R6U Roto Rack, 19" 6 U plastic rack, rack depth 44,70 cm, two recessed handles, 8x Recessed latches, heavy duty black plastic housing, external dimensions: 609 x 569 x 335 mmm, weight 8,35 Kg,

SKB R6W Roto Rolling Rack

253.00 € SKB R6W Roto Rolling Rack, 19" 6 U plastic rack with built-in wheels and a handle. rackrail front and back, rack depth 50,8 cm, TSA Catches two handles, black plastic housing, exterior dimensions: ... Loe edasi

SKB Roto-Molded 6U Shallow Rack

212.00 € SKB-R6S Rack Roto-Molded 6U Shallow Rack, Internal depth 27,18 cm,8x Butterfly catches, Dimensions 56,90 x 32,00 x 41,15 cm, Weight 6,90 kg,

Thomann Rack Case 6U

83.50 € Thomann Rack Case 19" x 6U - heavy-duty plastic case with 2x handles, 2x small butterfly latches per lid. Includes rack screws. External Dimensions: 56.5 x 57 x 34cm. Internal depth: 42cm, Weight 6... Loe edasi

Thon DJ-Live Rack 6U 51

388.00 € Thon DJ-Live Rack 6U 51, For 19" Mixers, and 6 Units space for all rack mountable Units, 8 He space is on the top side of the rack for the mixer, and 3 HE at the very top of the case with a slight ... Loe edasi

Thon L-Rack 6HE 55 Service Hatch

260.00 € Thon Rack 6U l-rack 55 cm deep, 7mm birch plywood, 7mm birch plywood, 25 x 25 mm aluminum edging, adjustable rack rail with rubber spring back and on front, including mounting hardware, 4 handles, ... Loe edasi

Thon Rack 6HE Eco 40

126.00 € Thon economy 6U rack - removable front and back lids, 4 locks. Depth: 40cm. Weight: 8kg.Made in Germany

Thon Rack 6U Eco 45

119.00 € Thon 6U economy double door rack - 4x locks, 45cm deep. Weight: 8kg....Made in Germany

Thon Rack 6U Eco II 35

120.00 € Thon economy 6U rack case - 7mm plastic, 35cm deep. Colour: Black....Made in Germany

Thon Rack 6U Live 40

169.00 € Thon 6U rack - standard case with 7mm birch plywood, removable front and back lids with butterflys latches, 2 handles, aluminium rails, 40cm deep. Includes bolts. Dimensions: 19" x 6U.Made in Germany

Thon Rack 6U Live 45

183.00 € Thon 6U Live 45 rack case - professional 19" standard case manufactured from 7mm birch plywood, removable front and back lids, butterfly latches, 45cm deep, 2 handles, 25/25mm variable aluminium ra... Loe edasi

Thon Rack 6U Live 45 Stacking

193.00 € Thon Rack 6U Live 45 Stacking, Amp-Rack, 7mm birch plywood, with 4 butterfly latches (medium), 45cm deep (for amplifiers), 2x recessed folding handles, steel corners, 30 x 30mm variable aluminium r... Loe edasi

Thon Rack 6U Live 45 Wheels

242.00 € Thon RACK 6HE LIVE 45 with weels, prof. 19"-Standardcase with 7mm Birch plywood, 6U double door version with butterflys, 45 cm deep ( for amplifier ), 2 handles, 25/25mm variable Aluminiumrails wit... Loe edasi

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