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Boschma Cases 6 U-HE Case

137.00 € Boschma Cases 6 U-HE Case, Rack 19" 6U, Shock absorbing rubber feet, Integrated Handle, dimensions 535 x 620 x375mm, rail to back 385mm, depth of the covers (inside) 65mm, including screws (M6), we... Loe edasi

Flyht Pro Case 6HE Double Door Pro

142.00 € Flyht Pro Case 6U Double Door Professional. Specifications: Colour: Black, IP classification: IP20, Height: 6 HE, Dimensions (L/B/H): 531 x 523 x 292 mm, Weight: 13,00 kg, Case type: Doubledoor, Ru... Loe edasi

Flyht Pro Case 6U Double Door

120.00 € Flyht Pro Case 6U Double Door. Specifications: Colour: Black, IP classification: IP20, Height: 6 HE, Dimensions (L/B/H): 515 x 518 x 286 mm, Weight: 12,00 kg, Case type: Doubledoor, Rubber feet: Ye... Loe edasi

Flyht Pro Case LW 6U

120.00 € Flyht Pro Case LW 6U, 19 "-doubledoor rack, removable front and rear lids; front and rear rails for 6 U, 2 handles, 4 x butterflies, stackable, rubber feets, protection rate: IP65, material: plasti... Loe edasi

Gator GR-6L

126.00 € Gator GR-6L - front and rear rack mounts, heavy-duty butterfly latches, lightweight polyethylene construction. Dimensions: 343 x 558 x 569mm (19"/6U). Internal depth: 477mm. Weight: 6.4kg, Optional... Loe edasi

Gator GR-6S

120.00 € Gator GR-6S - 19"/6U rack mounts (front and back), 368mm internal depth, heavy duty butterfly catches, lightweight polyethylene construction. Dimensions 445 x 546 x 330 mm, Interior 311 x 483 x 267... Loe edasi

Gator GRR-6L

152.00 € Gator GRR-6L - plastic 6U double door case with front & rear rack rails, rugged pull-out handle, locking lids, recessed side handles. Exterior dimensions: 598 x 565 x 400mm. Depth: 42.5cm (rack... Loe edasi

Millenium Rack Bag 6

58.08 € Millenium Rack Bag 6 - front & back zip opening lids, 41cm deep, large accessory pocket. Includes rack screws. Dimensions: 19" x 6U, weight ca. 5,3Kg

Rockbag Rackbag 24600 B

120.00 € Rockbag Rackbag 24600 B, 19" Gigbag 6HE, Lid with ZipFront and back, Deep: 35 mm/1,38" till rack strip, 440 mm/17,3" deep, total deep 475 mm/18,7"

SKB 19 REX 6

493.00 € SKB 19 REX 6, Expander Case for SKP 19 R 1406 mighty Gig Rig, plastic rack with Butterflies, 6 units depth, 12 U high, with wheels, Exterior dimensions: 820 x 610 x 451 mm, Weight: 17,4 kg, colour:... Loe edasi

SKB R1906

518.00 € SKB-R1906, Roto Molded Rack Expansion Case (with wheels),Fits under R102, R104, R106, R1208, R1006 and R1010 cases,Roto molded for strength, 6U rack with front AND rear rails, Durable 5 inch wheels... Loe edasi

SKB R6U Roto Rack

204.00 € SKB R6U Roto Rack, 19" 6 U plastic rack, rack depth 44,70 cm, two recessed handles, 8x Recessed latches, heavy duty black plastic housing, external dimensions: 609 x 569 x 335 mmm, weight 8,35 Kg,

SKB R6W Roto Rolling Rack

305.00 € SKB R6W Roto Rolling Rack, 19" 6 U plastic rack with built-in wheels and a handle. rackrail front and back, rack depth 50,8 cm, TSA Catches two handles, black plastic housing, exterior dimensions: ... Loe edasi

SKB Roto-Molded 6U Shallow Rack

212.00 € SKB-R6S Rack Roto-Molded 6U Shallow Rack, Internal depth 27,18 cm,8x Butterfly catches, Dimensions 56,90 x 32,00 x 41,15 cm, Weight 6,90 kg,

Thomann Rack Case 6U

83.50 € Thomann Rack Case 19" x 6U - heavy-duty plastic case with 2x handles, 2x small butterfly latches per lid. Includes rack screws. External Dimensions: 56.5 x 57 x 34cm. Internal depth: 42cm, Weight 6... Loe edasi

Thon DJ-Live Rack 6U 51

388.00 € Thon DJ-Live Rack 6U 51, For 19" Mixers, and 6 Units space for all rack mountable Units, 8 He space is on the top side of the rack for the mixer, and 3 HE at the very top of the case with a slight ... Loe edasi

Thon L-Rack 6HE 55 Service Hatch

260.00 € Thon Rack 6U L 55 cm deep, 7mm birch plywood, 7mm birch plywood, 25 x 25 mm aluminum edging, adjustable rack rail with rubber spring back and on front, including mounting hardware, 4 handles, 5 but... Loe edasi

Thon Rack 6HE Eco 40

126.00 € Thon economy 6U rack - removable front and back lids, 4 locks. Depth: 40cm. Weight: 8kg.Made in Germany

Thon Rack 6U Eco 45

119.00 € Thon 6U economy double door rack - 4x locks, 45cm deep. Weight: 8kg....Made in Germany

Thon Rack 6U Eco II 35

102.00 € Thon economy 6U rack case - 7mm plastic, 35cm deep. Colour: Black....Made in Germany

Thon Rack 6U Live 40

169.00 € Thon 6U rack - standard case with 7mm birch plywood, removable front and back lids with butterflys latches, 2 handles, aluminium rails, 40cm deep. Includes bolts. Dimensions: 19" x 6U.Made in Germany

Thon Rack 6U Live 45

183.00 € Thon 6U Live 45 rack case - professional 19" standard case manufactured from 7mm birch plywood, removable front and back lids, butterfly latches, 45cm deep, 2 handles, 25/25mm variable aluminium ra... Loe edasi

Thon Rack 6U Live 45 Stacking

193.00 € Thon Rack 6U Live 45 Stacking, Amp-Rack, 7mm birch plywood, with 4 butterfly latches (medium), 45cm deep (for amplifiers), 2x recessed folding handles, steel corners, 30 x 30mm variable aluminium r... Loe edasi

Thon Rack 6U Live 45 Wheels

242.00 € Thon RACK 6HE LIVE 45 with weels, prof. 19"-Standardcase with 7mm Birch plywood, 6U double door version with butterflys, 45 cm deep ( for amplifier ), 2 handles, 25/25mm variable Aluminiumrails wit... Loe edasi

Thon Rack 6U Live 50

178.00 € Thon Rack 6U Live 50, 19" standard case, constructed from 7mm birch plywood, removable front and rear lids, 4 butterfly catches (medium), 6He 19", inside 50 cm deep, 4 handles, 25/25 mm variable al... Loe edasi

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