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ART Prosplit

71.39 € ART Prosplit, 1 channel Microphone splitter, 1x Mic Input XLR, 1x direct output XLR + 1x transformer isolated output with ground-lift switch, the direct output passes phantom power from the main mi... Loe edasi

ART S8 Microphone Splitter

329.00 € ART S8 - 8-channel microphone splitter. Can be used to split eight balanced low-impedance microphone signals into sixteen (eight pairs). One direct output and one transformer-isolated output on eac... Loe edasi

ART S8-3-Way Microphone Splitter

382.00 € ART S8 3-Way - 8-channel, 3-way microphone splitter with passive interface. One direct and two transformer isolated outputs per channel, balanced XLR input and 3x balanced XLR outputs per channel, ... Loe edasi

ART SplitMix4

71.39 € ART SplitMix4, 4 Channel passive hybrid mixer/splitter, Four Stereo Input Channels, Stereo Output, Independent stereo level controls are provided on each channel, Passive Design (No Power Supply Re... Loe edasi

Behringer ULTRALINK MS8000

76.24 € Behringer ULTRALINK MS8000 Ultra-low noise 8 in/16 out microphone splitter,Each channel features Direct and Link outputs, Output ground lift switch per channel, Flexible input link switches, Phanto... Loe edasi

Drawmer 4X4 KickBox

1049.00 € Drawmer 4X4 KickBox - mic/line signal splitter with 4x studio grade mic/line preamps, 48V phantom power, switchable mic/line inputs, headphone outputs on all input channels, 4x outputs per channel,... Loe edasi

Drawmer DA6

730.00 € Drawmer DA6, 2x6 Stereo Distribution Amp with Monitoring, 1 set of stereo (2) XLR inputs, 6 sets of stereo (2) XLR outputs, Input stage has LED level meter, Each output channel can be switched to m... Loe edasi

IMG Stageline MPS-1

31.46 € IMG Stageline MPS-1; Microphone splitter; Galvanically isolated output with ground lift switch and feed-through output; XLR connections (600 Ohm) for input and output; Frequency range: 35-30,000 Hz... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik DS 50

50.82 € Klark Teknik DS 50 Pro Splitter 5, passive line level splitter, 1 input (XLR), 5 outputs (XLR), Neutrik connectors, compact and rugged design, aluminium extrusion casing with protective rubber corn... Loe edasi

Lindy Audiosplitter Toslink SPDIF

54.45 € Lindy Audio Splitter Toslink SPDIF 2 Port, 2 Way TosLink Digital Optical Audio Splitter, Supports uncompressed 2-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) digital audio signal output and compress... Loe edasi

Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom

361.00 € Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom - passive DI/re-amp/expansion splitter unit, 1/4" TRS instrument input, 1/4" TRS instrument re-amp output, XLR line in, mic level out (XLR), expansion I/O (1/4" TRS), ... Loe edasi

Millenium HX 3

66.55 € Millenium HX3 Active Guitar Splitter - for use with 2 amps in parallel, unbalanced jack input, jack link out, isolated jack out with switchable phase reverse, Lo-Z jack out, adjustable gain. Requir... Loe edasi

Millenium MS8

95.60 € Millenium MS8, 8-channel microphone splitter, can be used to split eight balanced low-impedance microphone signals into sixteen (eight pairs), one direct output and one transformer-isolated output ... Loe edasi

Millenium SML 21

36.18 € Millenium SML 21, 2 Channel Signalmerge Box for Line Signals, 2x XLR Female in > 1x XLR Male out, Dimensions 125 x 90 x 45 mm

Millenium SMM 21

36.18 € Millennium SMM 21, Signalmerge Box for microphones, switchable to allow phantom power to pass through on both channels, 180° phase rotation, Groundlift, 2x XLR Female in > 1x XLR Male out, bala... Loe edasi

Millenium SP 31

36.18 € Millenium SP 31, Signal Splitter 1in3, 1x XLR female in 3x XLR male Out, Ground lift switch, phantom power over the THRU Out, Dimensions 125 x 90 x 45 mm

Millenium SP 8 Splitter

120.00 € Millenium SP8 splitter box; 2-4 or 1-8 operation, balanced XLR in/out, input level control (-12db to +12db), internal power supply (230V~50Hz, 2.5VA), max. input level +18dBm, input impedance 20 kO... Loe edasi

Palmer MI DMS

56.87 € Palmer MI DMS, switch for dynamic microphones, 1x XLR Input, 2x XLR Output, footswitch, to switch between Technican and FOH, split for different microphone channels, split for different zones

Palmer PAN 05

53.24 € Palmer PAN 05, 2 channel Mergebox for microphones, 2x XLR Female in > 1x XLR Male out, balanced, also for conderser microphones with 48V phantompower, Impedance 200 Ohms, 110x 73x 42mm, 5 years ... Loe edasi

Palmer PGA 03 Y-Box Guitar Splitter

114.00 € Palmer PGA 03 Y-box Guitar Splitter, 1/4 Jack Input, Output AMP1 Parallel, Output AMP2 Isolated, 5 years warranty, Requires 9v battery

Palmer PMBLA

403.00 € Palmer PMBLA, 9,5" Line Summing mixer, 2 channel active, mixes for exapmple 2 mixing desks to 1 PA System, adjustable output volume, switchable Pad, Mute and Mono per channel, XLR/Combi input, XLR ... Loe edasi

Palmer PMS-02 Mikrofon Splitter

193.00 € Palmer PMS-02 micro splitter: 2 channel micro splitter "1 in to 3", each channel with: Input: female XLR type with parall el male XLR Type output 2 transformer isolated male XLR type outputs, Trans... Loe edasi

Palmer PPB 10

923.00 € Palmer PPB10 Press Patch Box - balanced transformer isolated audio splitter with 1x female XLR line input and 10x male XLR outputs, ground lift switches on all inputs and outputs, adjustable input ... Loe edasi

Palmer PPB 20 Press-Box

1696.00 € Palmer PPB Press-Box - active distribution system with 2 inputs and 20 outputs (with transformers). Audio signal distributor intended for use at press conferences with separate inputs for microphon... Loe edasi

Palmer PPB 20 S Press-Box Stereo

1593.00 € Palmer PPB20S Stereo Press Box - active distribution system, 2 inputs, 20 outputs with transformers. (A press patch box is an audio signal distributor intended for use at press conferences.) Separa... Loe edasi

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