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246.00 € AKG CK 61-ULS, High quality cardioid capsule with exceptionally flat on-axis frequency response, High temperature stability, reliable construction, Gold plated, self-cleaning connector pins for hig... Loe edasi


264.00 € AKG CK 62-ULS, High quality omnidirectional capsule with exceptionally flat on-axis frequency response, High temperature stability, reliable construction, Gold plated, self-cleaning connector pins ... Loe edasi


296.00 € AKG CK 63-ULS, High quality hypercardioid capsule with exceptionally flat on-axis frequency responsem, High temperature stability, reliable construction, Gold plated, self-cleaning connector pins f... Loe edasi


77.45 € AKG CK 80., condenser microphone cap (modular), hypercardioid/club (optimized for speech), for GN/HM-1000, incl. Wind protection (W80)


83.50 € AKG CK31 - condenser microphone capsule, cardioid, for GN/HM-1000, includes WS30 windscreen, ideal for installation use.


142.00 € AKG CK33 condenser microphone capsule, hypercardioid, for GN/HM-1000, incl. windscreen (W30), best for installations


246.00 € AKG CK49, condenser mictophone capsule for speach with hyper-cardioid pattern and 80° angle, suitable for AKG GN goosneck holders, hyper-cardioid / shotgun pattern, 60 - 20.000 Hz, 136 dB SPL max,... Loe edasi


238.00 € AKG GN 30, gooseneck 30cm for D.A.M.-capsules, 3/8" connector with extern phantom power adaptor with TQG connector, black, for installations


253.00 € AKG GN 30 E - 30cm gooseneck for D.A.M. capsules. Fixed phantom power adaptor, optional PS3F-Lock, programable indicator LED, suitable for installations. Colour: Black, optional available capsules:... Loe edasi


108.00 € AKG GN 30 M, gooseneck for AKG CK41, 43, 49, ST6 and STSDAM, length 295mm, status LED ring, diameter, 6mm, colour black

AKG SE 300 B

195.00 € AKG SE 300 B - for CK 91-98 capsule. HP switchable.

EV PolarChoice 12 XLR

318.00 € EV PolarChoice 12 XLR, condenser gooseneck microphone 12" Dual Capsule Design with four polar patterns: Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Supercardioid, Hypercardioid, multi-pattern miniature gooseneck po... Loe edasi

Haun KA 200 N

221.00 € Haun KA 200 N, condenser capsule suitable for the MBP preamps, cardioid, neutral record space 135°, 40 - 20.000 Hz, 130 dB SPL max. dimensions: 21 x 20 mm

Haun MBP 603

318.00 € Haun MBP 603, modular microhone preamp suitable for all KA capsules, transformerless circuit with a balanced output, very low coloration and low harmonci distortion, 16-48 V Phantom, dimensions: 12... Loe edasi

Neumann KM A

690.00 € Neumann KM A; Miniature Microphone System for passive capsules; XLR-3F; 48V Phantompower; Color: nickel

Schoeps GVC

264.00 € Schoeps GVC, Capsule Swivel for Colette-Series (MK 4V, MK 41V, MK 4VXS, MK 6 and MK 8), length 64mm, diameter 20/21 mm, weight 75g, colour grey

Schoeps MK 4V G Cardioid

799.00 € Schoeps MK4 V g - condenser microphone capsule for Colette/CMC series. Vertical speech in, Cardioid polar pattern, frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz, 13mV/Pa, 132dB max SPL. Colour: Grey.

Schoeps MK 5g

1120.00 € Schoeps MK 5g microphone capsule, switchable pattern omni/cardioid, 20(40) - 20.000 Hz, 133 (132) dB SPL max., suitable for CMC 6 Pre-Amp, grey housing

Schoeps RL 700g

371.00 € Schoeps RL 700g, Tube for CCM_L compact microphones, one end with Lemo-Connector female, other end with Lemo-Plug male, for the incl. adapter cable of the CCM_L, with wrist on the upper end, length... Loe edasi

Sennheiser MAT 133 B

183.00 € Sennheiser MAT 133 B, table stand for Sennheiser MZH 3015, 3040, 3042. 3-pin XLR output (side), 24-48V Phantompower, XLR output on the rear, colour black

Sennheiser MAT 153-S

242.00 € Sennheiser MAT 153-S, Desk stand for Sennheiser MEG 14-40-L-II B or microphones with 5 pin XLR-connector, 5 pin female in, On/off button, also useable for PTT, 3 pin XLR out on the back side, weigh... Loe edasi

Sennheiser ME34

183.00 € Sennheiser ME34 - cardioid capsule for MZH 3015/3040 gooseneck microphones.

Sennheiser ME35

183.00 € Sennheiser ME35 - hypercardioid mic capsule for MZH 3015/3040 gooseneck microphones.

Sennheiser ME36

275.00 € Sennheiser ME36 - hypercardioid microphone capsule for goosenecks (MZH 3015/3040/3042). incl. windscreen MZW36

Sennheiser ME36 NX

296.00 € Sennheiser ME36 NX - hypercardioid/directional mic capsule for goosenecks MZH 3015/3040 Nextel., incl. windshield MZW36

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