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Biamp Systems SDQ5PIR Remote Control

27.07 € Biamp Systems SDQ5PIR Remote Control, Remote Control, For Apart SDQ5PIR Black and SDQ5PIR White

Bosch LBB4117/00

333.00 € LBB4117/00, Plug Locking Set, Weight: 150 g, Colour: Black, Quantity: 25 pieces


92.27 € DBX ZC-1, Volume control, For controlling the zone volume, For DBX ZonePro 640/641/1260/1261 and DriveRack 260, Suitable for standard wall mounting box


101.00 € DBX ZC-3, Source selectorA selector switch on the ZC-3 allows the user to switch over the presets of the DR260.@+@+The ZonePro Series can program the source selection or scene selection and the co... Loe edasi


101.00 € DBX ZC-8, 4-way source switch, With volume adjustment, For DBX ZonePro 1260/1261, Suitable for standard wall mounting box


101.00 € DBX ZC-9, Switchers, 8 different sources can be controlled, Only for ZP 1260/1261 applicable (since only here are 8 sources selectable), Suitable for standard EU wall mounting boxes

JBL CSR-V black

105.00 € JBL CSR-V black, Wall panel, Suitable for JBL series VMA, Wall panel with remote control for the volume, Connection is via CAT5 cable and RJ-45 plug, Colour: black


585.00 € " RCS CDR-10 USB, CD-MP3 player and tuner module, For installation in a corresponding empty compartment of small central units, pre-amplifiers and ELA control panels, Fasteners, plugs and installat... Loe edasi

Tascam IF-E100

79.97 € Tascam IF-E100, Ethernet expansion card, Enables remote control of the CD-400UDAB via Ethernet using a web browser for PC/MAC as well as network integration, Ethernet standard: 100BASE-TX, Transmi... Loe edasi

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