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Harting Contact Pin Male 0,37

1.15 € Harting Contact Pin Male 0.37, Contact Pin, Male, Silver plated, Harting compatible, Cable cross section 0.14-0.37 mm²

Harting Contact Socket female 0,37

1.15 € Harting Contact Socket female 0,37, Contact Socket For NF System, Conductor cross section from 0.14 to 0.37 mm², Female, Silver plated, Harting compatible

Harting Crimping Pliers

474.00 € Harting Crimping Pliers, Professional Crimping Tool, For cable cross-sections: 0.14 to 4 mm², Position sleeve (not included) available: (#152192#)

Harting Multipin 24 pin

14.64 € Harting Multipin 24 pin, Harting Multipin, 24 Pin, Male, For NF connections, Harting compatible

Harting Multipin 24pin

14.64 € Harting Multipin 24pin, Socket Insert Crimp 24P, For 24-pin NF System, Harting compatible

Harting Replacement Hull

2.65 € Harting Replacement Hull, Replacement Hull For Expression Tool

Harting Tool Hull

14.76 € Harting Tool Hull, Positioner, For professional crimping tool

Harting Tool Plastic

10.95 € Harting Tool Plastic, Dismantling Tool, To remove the pins from contact inserts, Plastic

Harting Tool Prof. Mounting

24.48 € Harting Tool Prof. Mounting, Professional Assembly Tool, For pressing the contacts into contact inserts

Harting Tool Professional

51.67 € Harting Tool Professional, Professional Dissembling Tool, To remove the contacts from contact inserts, Optional spare sleeve available: (#124559#)

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