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Amphenol SP-4-F Speaker Connector

5.15 € Amphenol SP-4-F Speaker Connector, 4 Pol, Threaded Connector

Amphenol SP-4-FN Speaker Connector

7.62 € Amphenol SP-4-FN Speaker Connector, 4 Pol, Threaded Connector, Metal Shell

Amphenol SP-4-MD Speaker Connector

2.89 € Amphenol SP-4-MD Speaker Connector, 4 Pol, Solder Lug

Amphenol SP2F2FDW

8.35 € Amphenol SP2F2FDW, Speaker Cable Adapter, 2 pin to 2 pin

Amphenol SP4F4FDW

9.56 € Amphenol SP4F4FDW, Speaker Cable Adapter, 4 pin to 4 pin

Fun Generation Speaker Twist

4.21 € Fun Generation Speaker Twist, Speaker Twist Plug, Srcew connectors, Rean Connector (a brand of Neutrik)

Neutrik NL2 FX

4.86 € Neutrik NL2 FX Speaker Twist plug, 2 pins, for cable upto 10mm Diameter, Max load 40A, suitable for 2 and 4 pin chassis

Neutrik NL4 FC

6.29 € Neutrik NL4 FC Speaker Twist plug, Current rating 30 A rms continuous, Reliable and robust, easy and fast to assemble, Cable strain relief for 5 - 15 mm cable O.D., Accurate and dependable twist lo... Loe edasi

Neutrik NL4 FRX

7.14 € Neutrik NL4 FRX Speaker Twist Connector - new version, right angled.

Neutrik NL4 FX

5.67 € Neutrik NL4 FX Speaker Twist plug - (new version). 4 Pole, for cable diameter 6-14mm max., Current rating 40 A rms continuous, screw type terminals or soldering , wiresize 4 mm²

Neutrik NL4 FX - 9 White

5.50 € NL4FX - 9 Speaker Twist plug (new version White)

Neutrik NL4 FX-2 Red

5.50 € Neutrik NL4FX- 2 Speaker Twist Connector - new red version.

Neutrik NL4 FX-4 Yellow

5.50 € Neutrik NL4FX-4 Speaker Twist plug (new yellow version)

Neutrik NL4 FX-5 Green

5.50 € NL4FX - 5 Speaker Twist plug, 4 Pin, for cable with a max diameter of 14mm, Max Load 50A, (new version Green)

Neutrik NL4 MP-ST

5.42 € Neutrik NL4MP-ST - Speaker Twist socket, screw termination, 4-pole, quick connector.

Neutrik NL4 MPRXX

4.66 € Neutrik NL4 MPRXX - 4-pole Speaker Twist connector, installation socket, large & round.

Neutrik NL4 MPXX D-TYP

2.89 € Neutrik NL4 MPXX D-TYP Speaker Twist socket - 4 pole speaker connector.

Neutrik NL4MDXX-V

3.65 € Neutrik NL4MDXX-V; speaker twist panel mount connector; 4 pole chassis connector; black D-size flange; countersunk thru holes; vertical PCB mount

Neutrik NL4MPXX-3

3.15 € Neutrik NL4MPXX-3; speaker twist panel mount connector; 4 pole chassis connector, black D-size flange, self tapping screw holes (A-screw), 3/16" flat tabs

Neutrik NL8 FC

13.92 € Neutrik NL8 FC - 8-pole Speaker Twist connector.

Neutrik NL8MDXX-V

10.77 € Neutrik NL8MDXX-V; 8 pole male speakOn chassis connector, metal square G-size housing, countersunk thru holes, vertical PCB mount; metal flange and glass reinforced V-0 material; airtight; current ... Loe edasi

Neutrik NL8MPRXX

10.77 € Neutrik NL8MPRXX; 8 pole male chassis connector; metal square G-size housing; countersunk thru holes; 3/16“ flat tabs; metal flange and glass reinforced V-0 material; airtight; current rating 30 A... Loe edasi

Neutrik NLJ2MDXX-V

3.41 € Neutrik NLJ2MDXX-V, 2-pole combination of a speakON chassis connector and a 1/4" jack socket, vertical PCB mounting, PCB layout and dimensions as NL4MD-V

Neutrik NLT4 FXX-BAG

17.55 € Neutrik NLT4 FXX-BAG; Speaker Twist female, complete metal version, 4 pins, black, weatherproof

Neutrik NLT4 MP

8.35 € Neutrik NLT4 MP Speaker Twist male, complete metal version; 4 pins; Colour Silver

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