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Behringer Powerplay P1

50.82 € Behringer Powerplay P1, In Ear Monitor Belt Pack, Dual XLR Input for 2 Channel monitoring, swichtable mono or stereo function, level and balance control, incl. Peak-Limiter, 9V Batterie or power su... Loe edasi

Behringer Powerplay P16-I Module

199.00 € Behringer Powerplay P16I Module, 19" 1 U Analog-Digital Converter, convertst 16 analoque input signals to digital 24-Bit signals for the transfer with CAT5, Jack and TRS Inputs, 2x 8 channel ADAT I... Loe edasi

Behringer Powerplay P16-M Personal Mixer

221.00 € Behringer Powerplay P16M Personal Mixer, 16 channel Mixer for all musicians, desk top housing, adjustable EQ, Volume and Panorama (Balance) per channel, 16 switches with LEDs, Solo and Mute per cha... Loe edasi

Behringer Powerplay P16D Ultranet

120.00 € Behringer Powerplay P16D Ultranet Distributor, digital Ultranet Distributor, system extension for up to 48x P16-M Personal Mixer, 8x RJ45 output, 1x RJ45 Input, Status LED per channel, internal pow... Loe edasi

Behringer Powerplay P16M Bundle

260.00 € Behringer Powerplay P16M Bundle contains: BEHRINGER POWERPLAY P16-M PERSONAL MIXER (order code 259403), THOMANN MIX CASE 3727K (order code 327733)

Behringer Powerplay P2

36.30 € Behringer Powerplay P2, ultra-compact personal in-ear monitor amplifier, XLR and TRS input connector with locking mechanism, 3.5 mm mini jack socket for earphones, belt-pack clip included, internal... Loe edasi

Fischer Amps Guitar-InEar-Cable II 10m

131.00 € Fischer Amps Guitar-InEar-Cable II 10m M, high end guitarcable plug - plug with fixed headphone cable for InEar Amp with headphone body pack with volume leveler, 3,5mm stereo plug for InEar-headphones

Fischer Amps Guitar-InEar-Cable II 6 Meter

115.00 € Fischer Amps Guitar-InEar-Cable II 6 Meter, high end guitarcable plug - plug with fixed headphone cable for InEar Amp with headphone body pack with volume leveler, 3,5mm stereo plug for InEar-headp... Loe edasi

Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 2

355.00 € Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 2 - high-quality in-ear headphone amp, class A MOSFET headphone amp with integrated limiter, switchable impedance for in-ear phones and headphones (>250 Ohms), two headph... Loe edasi

Fischer Amps In Ear Body Pack XL

268.00 € Fischer Amps In Ear Body Pack XL, In Ear BP Headphone Amp, 2 x XLR Input, 1x XLR Mic Intpu, 1x XLR MIC Thru Out, Stereo/Mono/Mixed application, Mic Gain with LED meter, Pad - 16 dB, + 48 Volt, Volu... Loe edasi

Fischer Amps In Ear Stick

149.00 € Fischer Amps In Ear Stick, wired miniatur InEar headphone amp for studio and live application, hard metall housing, XLR-1/4" Jack Combi-Input, balanced Mono-input signal or unbalanced stereo input ... Loe edasi

Fischer Amps In-Ear Monitor BP

198.00 € Fischer hard-wired in-ear headphone amp - 2x XLR inputs, ste reo/mono/mixed mode, volume adjustment, balance/mix knob, 3. 5mm stereo jack output, 40 mW output power, internal limiter , requires 9V ... Loe edasi

LD Systems HPA 1

106.00 € LD Systems HPA 1, In Ear headphone amp, 2 x XLR Input, Stereo/Mono/Mixed operation, Volume-leveler, Balance/Mix leveler, Stereo - Mono/Focus switch, 3.5mm stereo jack headphone out, 3,5mm Aux input... Loe edasi

Midas DP48

382.00 € Midas DP48, Dual 48 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer with SD Card Recorder, Stereo Ambience Microphone and Remote Powering, compatible with Midas personal monitoring system hubs or with any 44.1/48 k... Loe edasi

Millenium HPA In Ear

54.45 € Millenium HPA In Ear - compact headphone preamp made for In Ear systems, stereo XLR or 1/4" jack input, mini-jack headphone out, mono/stereo/mix mode switch, volume and balance/mix control, workds ... Loe edasi

Presonus EarMix 16M

414.00 € Presonus EarMix 16M, Personal Monitor Mixer, 16/2 AVB Mixer via AVB, designed for StudioLive Series III mixers, 3-band EQ and limiting for each channel and the main mix, Input channel level control... Loe edasi

Rolls PM 351

173.00 € Rolls PM 351, personal monitor mixer, 3 channel, Mic/Line/Instruments Mixer, Mic-In, Mic Thru, Instr.-In, Instr.-Thru, Line Input, headphone amp, balanced XLR instrument inputs, Supplied with PS-27... Loe edasi

Shure P9HW

439.00 € Shure P9HW, wired Stereo-InEar System, hard metall bodypack-housing, two channels with MixMode or Stereo Mode, internal Limiter, 4-Band parametric EQ, switchable input level (+4 dBV / -10 dBV), LCD... Loe edasi

Thomann MB2

54.45 € Thomann MB2, passiver Headphones leveler for InEar-applications, Neutrik XLR/jack Combi input, 3,5mm Stereo jack output, internal swich for Mono/Stereo, strong metall housing, dimensions: 90 x 30 x... Loe edasi

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