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AKG Drum Set Session I

349.00 € AKG Drum Set Session I, drum microphone set for Studio and Live applications, set consists of 4x P4 dynamic Tom and Snare Microphones (cardioid), 1x P2 dynamic Bass Drum-microphone (cardioid), 2x P... Loe edasi

Audix DP-Quad

710.00 € Audix DP-Quad, Drum-microphone set containing 1x Audix D6 Bass Drum microphone, 1x i5 Snare-Microphone, 2x ADX51 Overhead- and HiHat-Microphone and D-Vice Rim-Clamp. Also a drum case for up to 9 Mi... Loe edasi

Audix Studio Elite 8 Drumcase

2570.00 € Audix Studio Elite 8 instrument microphone set - 1x D6 (Bass Drum); 1x D4 (Bass Drum/FloorTom); 2x D2 (Toms); 1x i-5 (Sn are); 1x SCX1-hc (Overheads/HiHat); 2x SCX 25-A (Overhead), 4x D-Vice (Schwa... Loe edasi

Behringer BC1200

145.00 € Behringer BC1200 - Microphone Set for Drums consisting of: 1x cardioid dynamic bass drum microphone (KM1200), 2x cardioid condenser overhead microphones (CM1200), 4x cardioid dynamic tom microphone... Loe edasi

Earthworks Audio DK7

3599.00 € Earthworks Audio DK7; Microphone Set for Drum Recording; contains 2x SR25 Condenser Mic for Overhead, 1x SR20LS for Bass Drum, 4x DM20 Gooseneck Condenser Mic for Tom and Snare, 4x RM1 Rim mount, 3... Loe edasi

IMG Stageline Drumset-1

221.00 € IMG Stageline Drumset-1; 7-piece drum microphone set; consisting of a dynamic bass drum microphone, four dynamic snare drum/tom-tom microphones and two overhead condenser microphones; Short-bodied ... Loe edasi

Lewitt Beatkit

528.00 € Lewitt Beatkit; drum microphone set for studio and live applications; consisting of 1x DTP 340 REX kick drum microphone with two switchable sound characteristics, 1x MTP 440 DM snare microphone, 2x... Loe edasi

Lewitt Beatkit Pro

1116.00 € Lewitt Beatkit Pro; premium drum microphone set for studio and live applications; consisting of 1x DTP 640 Dual-element REX kick drum micrphone with two phase-aligned capsules dynamic and condenser... Loe edasi

Presonus DM-7

307.00 € resonus DM-7; drum microphone set for studio and live applications; 1x BD-1 cardioid dynamic microphone for kick drums and bass amps; 4x ST-4 cardioid dynamic microphone with adjustable clip holder... Loe edasi

SE Electronics V Pack Club

934.00 € SE Electronics V Pack Club; drum microphone set for studio and live use consisting of: 1 x V Kick for kick drum or floor tom; 3 x V Beat with V Clamp including thread adapter and microphone clamps ... Loe edasi

Sontronics DrumPack

690.00 € Sontronics DrumPack; drumset microphone bundle including case, consists of: 1x DM-1B kick drum microphon, 1x DM-1S snare drum microphon und 3x DM-1T Tom Tom microphons; incl. mic clips and rugged A... Loe edasi

Superlux DRK K5C2

212.00 € Suplerlux DRK K5C2 Drum Microphone Set - contains PRA218B dynamic bass drum mic (supercardioid, 30Hz-10kHz), 3x dynamic micro tom mics (supercardioid) 1x snare microphone and 2x E102 back electret ... Loe edasi

the t.bone DC 1200

131.00 € the t.bone DC 1200 Drum Microphone Bundle - 1x BD 1200 dynamic bass drum microphone (cardioid polar pattern, 20Hz-15kHz), 4x CD 1200 dynamic snare/tom microphones (cardioid polar pattern, 70Hz-13kH... Loe edasi

the t.bone Drumset 1 Set

590.00 € the t.bone Drumset 1 Set, complete Mikrosystem for Drumset included Mikrostands, Holders and Cabel, Set containing THE T.BONE DC 4000 (order code 156982), 4 pc. BEYERDYNAMIC MKV 87 (order code 1608... Loe edasi

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