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AKG Drum Set Session I

293.00 € AKG Drum Set Session I, drum microphone set for Studio and Live application, set consists of 4x P4 dynamic Tom and Snare Microphone (cardioid), 1x P2 dynamic Bass Drum-microphone (cardioid), 2x P17... Loe edasi

Audix DP-Quad

710.00 € Audix DP-Quad, Drum-microphone set containing 1x Audix D6 Bass Drum microphone, 1x i5 Snare-Microphone, 2x ADX51 Overhead- and HiHat-Microphone and D-Vice Rim-Clamp. Also a drum case for up to 9 Mi... Loe edasi

Audix Studio Elite 8 Drumcase

2570.00 € Audix Studio Elite 8 instrument microphone set - 1x D6 (Bass Drum); 1x D4 (Bass Drum/FloorTom); 2x D2 (Toms); 1x i-5 (Sn are); 1x SCX1-hc (Overheads/HiHat); 2x SCX 25-A (Overhead), 4x D-Vice (Schwa... Loe edasi

Behringer BC1200

95.60 € Behringer BC1200 - Microphone Set for Drums consisting of: 1x cardioid dynamic bass drum microphone (KM1200), 2x cardioid condenser overhead microphones (CM1200), 4x cardioid dynamic tom microphone... Loe edasi

IMG Stageline Drumset-1

195.00 € IMG Stageline Drumset-1; 7-piece drum microphone set; consisting of a dynamic bass drum microphone, four dynamic snare drum/tom-tom microphones and two overhead condenser microphones; Short-bodied ... Loe edasi

Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7

1388.00 € Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7; drum microphone kit comprising of 1 x DTP 640 REX, 1 x MTP 440 DM, 3 x DTP 340 TT und 2 LCT 340 (with interchangeable capsules, omni and cardioid); inlcusive: LCT 340 OC,... Loe edasi

Presonus DM-7

307.00 € resonus DM-7; drum microphone set for studio and live applications; 1x BD-1 cardioid dynamic microphone for kick drums and bass amps; 4x ST-4 cardioid dynamic microphone with adjustable clip holder... Loe edasi

Sabian Sound Kit Bundle

414.00 € Sabian Sound Kit Bundle, bestehend aus: SABIAN SOUND KIT DRUM MIC & MIXER KIT (order code 401399), 2 pc. MILLENIUM MS 2005 (order code 158894), 3 pc. PRO SNAKE TPM 6 (order code 213368), MILLEN... Loe edasi

Sabian Sound Kit Drum Mic & Mixer Kit

392.00 € Sabian Sound Kit Drum Mic & Mixer Kit, 4 piece drum recording package, containing a 5 channel preconfigured mixer as well as one Bass Drum and two overhead microphones, preconfigured channels f... Loe edasi

Sennheiser Drumset 900

1748.00 € Sennheiser Drumset 900, Profi drumcase, Set consists of 1x e 902 Bass Drum-Microphone, 4x e 904 Tom Microphones, 1x e 906 Snare Microphone, 2x e 914 Overhead-Microphones and CC5 case with Inlay

Sontronics DrumPack

740.00 € Sontronics DrumPack; drumset microphone bundle including case, consists of: 1x DM-1B kick drum microphon, 1x DM-1S snare drum microphon und 3x DM-1T Tom Tom microphons; incl. mic clips and rugged A... Loe edasi

Sontronics DrumPack Plus

934.00 € Sontronics DrumPack Plus; drumset microphone bundle including case, consists of: 1x DM-1B kick drum microphon, 1x DM-1S snare drum microphon, 3x DM-1T Tom Tom microphons and 2x STC-10 overhead micr... Loe edasi

Superlux DRK K5C2

212.00 € Suplerlux DRK K5C2 Drum Microphone Set - contains PRA218B dynamic bass drum mic (supercardioid, 30Hz-10kHz), 3x dynamic micro tom mics (supercardioid) 1x snare microphone and 2x E102 back electret ... Loe edasi

the t.bone DC 1200

120.00 € the t.bone DC 1200 Drum Microphone Bundle - 1x BD 1200 dynamic bass drum microphone (cardioid polar pattern, 20Hz-15kHz), 4x CD 1200 dynamic snare/tom microphones (cardioid polar pattern, 70Hz-13kH... Loe edasi

the t.bone Drumset 1 Set

559.00 € the t.bone Drumset 1 Set, complete Mikrosystem for Drumset included Mikrostands, Holders and Cabel, Set containing THE T.BONE DC 4000 (order code 156982), 4 pc. BEYERDYNAMIC MKV 87 (order code 1608... Loe edasi

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